Definition of Excluded Contracts

Excluded Contracts means any contracts of the Sellers with respect to Debt of the Sellers or their Affiliates or any Tax sharing agreements to which any Seller or any of the Sellers' Affiliates is a party.

Excluded Contracts means (i) any non-exclusive Contract concerning "off-the-shelf" or similar computer software that is available on commercially reasonable terms, (ii) standard non-disclosure, confidentiality and material transfer Contracts granting non-exclusive rights to IP Rights and entered into in the Ordinary Course of Business, (iii) Contracts that have expired on their own terms or were terminated and for which there are no material outstanding obligations, and (v) purchase orders and associated terms and conditions for which the underlying goods or services have been delivered or received.

Excluded Contracts means those Contracts identified on Schedule 1.1(hh);

Examples of Excluded Contracts in a sentence

To avoid doubt, Commercially Reasonable Efforts in this context does not require Xencor to pay any consideration to the counterparty to the Excluded Contracts.
The Excluded Contracts are not being assigned to or assumed by Buyer hereunder.
The Sellers shall bear all costs, fees and expenses incurred under the Excluded Contracts on or after the Closing, including all costs, fees and expenses incurred in connection with the termination of the Excluded Contracts.
If any Excluded Contracts (which are not assigned to MorphoSys under the foregoing paragraph) are master services contracts, the Parties will cooperate and Xencor shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to seek to assign the appropriate work order(s) or otherwise transition the appropriate services in a reasonable way.
The sale of the Purchased Assets by Seller to Buyer pursuant to this Agreement will effectively convey to Buyer the entire Business (other than the Excluded Assets and the Excluded Contracts).

More definitions of Excluded Contracts

Excluded Contracts means the Contracts set forth in Section 1.01(a)(1) of the Seller Disclosure Schedule.