Definition of Excluded Contract

Excluded Contract means (I) any Contract entered into by Verizon or any Subsidiary of Verizon (other than Spinco or a Spinco Subsidiary), on the one hand, with a non-Affiliate of Verizon, on the other hand, which is used or offered in the conduct of the Spinco Business as well as the Verizon Business, other than any Blended Customer Contract and (2) any Contract entered into solely between or among Verizon and/or Affiliates of Verizon, other than the Transferred Affiliate Arrangements, including, in each case, those Contracts listed in Section l.l(b) of the Disclosure Letter.

Examples of Excluded Contract in a sentence

Each such termination shall include a release of the Company, as applicable, from any and all liabilities and obligations arising out of, or related to, such Excluded Contract.
If such Available Contract is not expressly assumed by Buyer in writing by the end of such Extended Contract Period, such Available Contract shall be automatically deemed an Excluded Contract.
For the avoidance of doubt, except as set forth in Section 2.3 and other than as provided in the preceding sentence, (x) Buyer shall not assume or otherwise have any Liability with respect to any Excluded Contract and (y) each Collective Bargaining Agreement to which any Seller is bound or party to shall be an Excluded Contract.
With respect to each Excluded Contract to which any Company is a party that has been assigned and assumed or terminated with respect to such Company prior to the Closing, Sellers shall have delivered to Buyer an agreement, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Buyer, between one or more Sellers and the applicable Companies, providing for the assignment to and assumption by a Seller or the termination with respect to the applicable Companies of each such Excluded Contract.
With respect to each Excluded Contract, the Buyer, the Company and the Sellers shall use reasonable commercial efforts to apply pre-paid expenses (existing as of the Closing, if any) in respect of such Excluded Contract toward the costs, expenses and liabilities described in the immediately preceding sentence.