Excluded Entities definition

Excluded Entities has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(b)(iv).
Excluded Entities means Madison (Services) Pty. Ltd.; Revlon (Aust.)
Excluded Entities means any of the following: (A) The Blackstone Group L.P. and any of its Affiliates including Blackstone PB Capital Partners V L.P., Blackstone PB Capital Partners V Subsidiary L.L.C., Blackstone PB Capital Partners V-AC L.P., Blackstone Family Investment Partnership V USS L.P., Blackstone Family Investment Partnership V-A USS SMD L.P., Blackstone Participation Partnership V USS L.P. and their respective general partners, Blackstone Group Management L.L.C., Blackstone, Blackstone Management Associates V USS L.L.C. and BCP V USS Side-by-Side GP L.L.C.; (B) First Reserve Management, L.P. and any of its Affiliates, including FR PBF Holdings LLC and FR PBF Holdings II LLC; (C) PBF Energy Inc. and any entities of which a majority of the voting power of its voting equity securities and equity interests is owned directly or indirectly by PBF Energy Inc.; and (D) any employee benefit plan (or trust forming a part thereof) sponsored or maintained by any of the foregoing.

Examples of Excluded Entities in a sentence

  • Knowingly take or omit to take any action if the effect of such action or omission could reasonably be expected to materially decrease the value of the equity interests in one or more Excluded Entities.

  • No Loan Party nor any of its Subsidiaries (excluding the Excluded Entities) is engaged in any unfair labor practice that could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.

  • People to People Peace Project (3Ps) Final Evaluation.Conclusion: These two issues raise questions of expectations and ongoing management, as well as the original decision around where to place the hut.

  • Each reference in this Section 6.06 to a “Subsidiary” or “Subsidiaries” shall exclude the Excluded Entities.

  • Global Parent knows of no proposed Tax assessment against any Loan Party or any of its Subsidiaries (excluding the Excluded Entities) with respect to a material amount of Tax which is not being actively contested by such Loan Party or such Subsidiary (excluding the Excluded Entities) in good faith and by appropriate proceedings; provided, that such reserves or other appropriate provisions, if any, as shall be required in conformity with GAAP shall have been made or provided therefor.

More Definitions of Excluded Entities

Excluded Entities means “vendors, suppliers, fabricators, material dealers, drivers and others who merely transport, pick up, deliver or carry materials, personnel, parts or equipment or any other items or persons to or from the Project site
Excluded Entities means CPF and its Subsidiaries, Frupac and its Subsidiaries, PV and its Subsidiaries, GWF and its Subsidiaries and Citrus.
Excluded Entities means Atlantic Automotive Components, LLC, GCM/Visteon Automotive Systems, LLC, GCM/Visteon Automotive Leasing, LLC, Toledo Mold & Die, Inc., AutoNeural Systems, LLC and MIG-Visteon Automotive Systems, LLC and any other Subsidiary created after the Effective Date in connection with the establishment of a joint venture with any Person (other than a Group Member) which Subsidiary is not, and was never, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary.
Excluded Entities means The Liposome Company, Inc. and its subsidiaries; Axogen Limited; Neuralab Limited; Dura Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and its subsidiaries; and Affiliates (present or future) of Elan Corp within the division of Elan Corp carrying on business as Elan Pharmaceuticals which incorporates, inter alia, EPIL (only to the extent that it is the owner of patents, know-how or other intellectual property or technology invented and/or developed within the division of Elan Corp carrying on business as Elan Pharmaceuticals), Athena Neurosciences, Inc., Elan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Elan Europe Limited.
Excluded Entities means Tronox (Luxembourg) Holdings S.a.r.l., Tronox (Switzerland) Holding GmbH, Tronox Luxembourg S.a.r.l., Tronox Pigments International GmbH, Tronox GmbH, Tronox Pigments GmbH and Tronox Pigments (Savannah) Inc.
Excluded Entities means any entity:
Excluded Entities means any Subsidiary covered by clause (a), (b), (c) or (d) of the definition ofDesignated Subsidiary.”