exceptional condition definition

exceptional condition means:
exceptional condition means meeting the Certificate of Compliance test standard detailed in the vehicle standard inspection manual.
exceptional condition means both single and co-existing conditions. These may be two or more disabling conditions or exceptional gifts or talents coexisting with one or more disabling condition.

Related to exceptional condition

  • Additional Conditions means the terms and conditions set out in the Offer Document.

  • Special Condition means a condition of a Transporter's Licence or Shipper's Licence other than a Standard Condition;

  • Special Conditions means those conditions, if any, set forth in Section 13 of the Loan Authorization Agreement.

  • Terminal condition means an incurable condition caused by injury, disease, or illness that according to reasonable medical judgment will produce death within six months, even with available life-sustaining treatment provided in accordance with the prevailing standard of medical care.

  • General Condition means these General Terms and Conditions of Contract.

  • Abnormal Condition means any condition on the Interconnection Facilities which, determined in accordance with Good Utility Practice, is: (i) outside normal operating parameters such that facilities are operating outside their normal ratings or that reasonable operating limits have been exceeded; and (ii) could reasonably be expected to materially and adversely affect the safe and reliable operation of the Interconnection Facilities; but which, in any case, could reasonably be expected to result in an Emergency Condition. Any condition or situation that results from lack of sufficient generating capacity to meet load requirements or that results solely from economic conditions shall not, standing alone, constitute an Abnormal Condition.

  • Environmental Condition means any condition or circumstance, including the presence of Hazardous Substances which does or would (i) require assessment, investigation, abatement, correction, removal or remediation under any Environmental Law, (ii) give rise to any civil or criminal Liability under any Environmental Law, (iii) create or constitute a public or private nuisance or (iv) constitute a violation of or non-compliance with any Environmental Law.

  • Supplemental Conditions means those terms and conditions, if included in the Agreement by mutual written agreement of the Parties, which add to or modify the Agreement and are incorporated by reference as if fully set forth in the Agreement. In the case of a conflict between the Supplemental Conditions and the Agreement, the Supplemental Conditions shall prevail.

  • Environmental Conditions means any conditions of the environment, including, without limitation, the work place, the ocean, natural resources (including flora or fauna), soil, surface water, ground water, any actual or potential drinking water supply sources, substrata or the ambient air, relating to or arising out of, or caused by the use, handling, storage, treatment, recycling, generation, transportation, Release or threatened Release or other management or mismanagement of Regulated Substances resulting from the use of, or operations on, the Property.

  • General Conditions means the “International Development Association General Conditions for Credits and Grants”, dated July 1, 2005 (as amended through October 15, 2006).

  • Adverse Environmental Condition shall refer to (i) the existence or the continuation of the existence, of an Environmental Emission (including, without limitation, a sudden or non-sudden accidental or non-accidental Environmental Emission), of, or exposure to, any substance, chemical, material, pollutant, Contaminant, odor or audible noise or other release or emission in, into or onto the environment (including, without limitation, the air, ground, water or any surface) at, in, by, from or related to any Equipment, (ii) the environmental aspect of the transportation, storage, treatment or disposal of materials in connection with the operation of any Equipment or (iii) the violation, or alleged violation of any statutes, ordinances, orders, rules regulations, permits or licenses of, by or from any governmental authority, agency or court relating to environmental matters connected with any Equipment.

  • Congenital Condition(s) means (a) any medical, physical or mental abnormalities existed at the time of or before birth, whether or not being manifested, diagnosed or known at birth; or (b) any neo-natal abnormalities developed within six (6) months of birth.

  • Physical Conditions Report means, with respect to each Individual Property, a report prepared by a company satisfactory to Lender regarding the physical condition of such Individual Property, satisfactory in form and substance to Lender in its sole discretion.

  • Medical condition means either of the following:

  • General Conditions Cost means costs incurred and minor work performed by Contractor without the need for competitive bids/proposals. The allowable General Conditions items are limited in Paragraph 11.1 and are further described on Exhibit “D”. The maximum allowable General Conditions Cost payable to Contractor during the Construction Phase of the Project is set out in Exhibit “A” attached to this Agreement.

  • Specific Conditions means the conditions in addition or in variation to the general conditions which the Commission may lay down specifically for a distribution licensee;

  • Hazardous financial condition means that, based on its present or reasonably anticipated financial condition, a risk retention group, although not yet financially impaired or insolvent, is unlikely to be able:

  • Extension Minimum Condition means a condition to consummating any Extension that a minimum amount (to be determined and specified in the relevant Extension Request, in the Borrower’s sole discretion) of any or all applicable Classes be submitted for Extension.

  • Unsafe condition as used in this clause means the actual or potential exposure of contractor or Government employees to a hazardous material as defined in Federal Standard No. 313, and any revisions thereto during the term of this contract, or any other material or working condition designated by the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) as potentially hazardous and requiring safety controls.

  • Business Condition means the current business, financial condition, results of operations and assets of a corporate entity.

  • Serious Medical Condition means all of the following medical conditions:

  • Step Down Conditions As of any Distribution Date on which any decrease in any Senior Prepayment Percentage may apply, (i) the outstanding Principal Balance of all Mortgage Loans 60 days or more Delinquent (including Mortgage Loans in REO and foreclosure), averaged over the preceding six month period, as a percentage of the aggregate of the Class Certificate Principal Balances of the Classes of Subordinate Certificates on such Distribution Date, does not equal or exceed 50% and (ii) cumulative Realized Losses with respect to all of the Mortgage Loans do not exceed: · for any Distribution Date on or after the seventh anniversary until the eighth anniversary of the first Distribution Date, 30% of the aggregate Certificate Principal Balance of the Subordinate Certificates as of the Closing Date, · for any Distribution Date on or after the eighth anniversary until the ninth anniversary of the first Distribution Date, 35% of the aggregate Certificate Principal Balance of the Subordinate Certificates as of the Closing Date, · for any Distribution Date on or after the ninth anniversary until the tenth anniversary of the first Distribution Date, 40% of the aggregate Certificate Principal Balance of the Subordinate Certificates as of the Closing Date, · for any Distribution Date on or after the tenth anniversary until the eleventh anniversary of the first Distribution Date, 45% of the aggregate Certificate Principal Balance of the Subordinate Certificates as of the Closing Date, and · for any Distribution Date on or after the eleventh anniversary of the first Distribution Date, 50% of the aggregate Certificate Principal Balance of the Subordinate Certificates as of the Closing Date.

  • Special Conditions of Contract means the pages completed by the Procuring Entity entitled Special Conditions of Contract which constitute Part A of the Special Conditions.

  • GENERAL AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT means the instructions to Tenderer and General and special conditions of contract pertaining to the work for which above tenders have been called for.

  • Minimum Condition has the meaning set forth in Annex I.

  • Qualifying medical condition means one or more of the following: