Excavator definition

Excavator means any person who engages directly in excavation.
Excavator means an off-road vehicle consisting of a backhoe and cab mounted on a pivot atop an undercarriage with tracks or wheels.

Examples of Excavator in a sentence

  • J., Nevins, L., Udoka, S., Carolina, N.: Using Digital Human Modeling to Enhance Work Visibility for Excavator.

  • The time period of work is 400 days or 2190 shifts / services of Excavator cum loader and 3285 shifts / services of Dumpers of 08 Hours each respectively from the date of receipt of LOA / SAP PO (whichever is earlier) that includes/excludes Monsoon.

  • Difficultly in accessing Zonal Equipment e.g. Bulldozer, Excavator (These are major works equipment that the district borrow from the Regional Mechanical workshop)• Roads which are under Central Government:i.

  • In case the Excavator cum loader are having registration of outside Mumbai, then the same shall be got registered with Mumbai RTO & fulfill all rules and regulations of Mumbai RTO with payment of all taxes within 30 days from the issue of Acceptance Letter, otherwise same will not be accepted thereafter and suitable penalty will be deducted from contractor’s bill.

  • The Excavator cum loader shall be of Escorts excavators / loaders–3DX / LT-580-2 model or equivalent & registered with RTO Mumbai.

More Definitions of Excavator

Excavator means a person who conducts excavation.
Excavator means a person or public agency that intends to excavate or demolish within the State of Oklahoma;
Excavator means any person, including those acting either as an employer or employee, intending to perform or performing excavation or demolition work.
Excavator means any person or entity that excavates or conducts excavation activities.
Excavator means “a person proposing to engage or engaging in excavation.” Iowa Code' 480.1(5).
Excavator means a person proposing to engage or engaging in excavation.