Evidence of Payment definition

Evidence of Payment shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 10.3(a) above.
Evidence of Payment means written evidence reasonably satisfactory to Lender that Borrower has made payment to independent third parties to reimburse such persons for incorporation into the Project subsequent to the Initial Disbursement of labor and/or materials, which evidence shall include copies of paid invoices, lien waivers and releases from the persons providing such labor and/or materials and such other items as Lender may reasonably request from time to time. Borrower acknowledges that the sums identified in paragraphs 2.2 through 2.6 as payments by Borrower are intended to be cumulative. By way of example only, for Borrower to qualify for the Final Disbursement, Borrower will need to have provided to Lender Evidence of Payment equal to $13,215,134.00
Evidence of Payment has the meaning assigned at Section 3.04(a)(ii).

Examples of Evidence of Payment in a sentence

  • The Company shall provide Boyd Indiana with copies of all applications for payment and related back-up documentation, proof of payment, and unconditional lien releases to the extent available and such other evidence as reasonably requested ("Evidence of Payment") with respect to the Construction Costs paid by it.

  • Within thirty (30) days of receipt of such quarterly reports and Evidence of Payment and Completion, and provided that such work and costs are materially consistent with the Final Plan, Landlord shall reimburse Tenant for ninety percent (90%) of the reported costs, and shall retain ten percent (10%) of the reported costs until completion of all Tenant Improvements, at which time all amounts not previously paid to Tenant shall be due and payable.

  • During such twenty (20) day period, the Company shall be permitted to review the working papers of LLC and its auditors relating to the LLC's Completion Costs Statement and all other Evidence of Payment.

  • The Loan Parties shall timely pay to the relevant Governmental Authority in accordance with applicable law, or at the option of the Administrative Agent timely reimburse it for the payment of, any Other Taxes.(c) Evidence of Payment.

  • Evidence of Payment of Florida Intangibles Tax" \l 2 Within thirty (30) days after the Closing Date (or such longer time period consented to in writing by the Administrative Agent, in its reasonable discretion), the Borrower shall deliver evidence reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent of Borrower’s payment in full of all documentary stamp tax required to be paid by the State of Florida with respect to the Loans.

  • Without prejudice to the survival of any other agreement of the Borrower hereunder, the agreements and obligations of the Borrower contained in Sections 5.8.1 [Payments Free of Taxes] through and including 5.8.4 [Evidence of Payment] shall survive the payment in full of principal and interest hereunder and under any instrument delivered hereunder.

  • LLC shall provide the Company with Evidence of Payment with respect to the Construction Costs paid by it.

Related to Evidence of Payment

  • Schedule of Payments means the schedule of payments disclosed on a Contract.

  • Date of Payment means the date on which NYSERDA requisitions a check from its statutory fiscal agent, the Department of Taxation and Finance, to make a Payment.

  • Tariff Payment means the payments to be made under Monthly Bills as referred to in Article 10 and the relevant Supplementary Bills;

  • Guaranty of Payment means each Guaranty of Payment executed and delivered on or after the Closing Date in connection with this Agreement by the Guarantors of Payment, as the same may from time to time be amended, restated or otherwise modified.

  • Evidence of coverage means any certificate, agreement or contract issued to an enrollee setting out the coverage to which the enrollee is entitled.

  • Guarantor of Payment means each of the Companies set forth on Schedule 2 hereto, that are each executing and delivering a Guaranty of Payment, or any other Person that shall deliver a Guaranty of Payment to Agent subsequent to the Closing Date.

  • Place of Payment when used with respect to the Securities of any series, means the place or places where the principal of and any premium and interest on the Securities of that series are payable as specified as contemplated by Section 301.

  • Priority of Payments The meaning specified in Section 11.1(a).

  • Standard Hazard Insurance Policy means a fire and casualty extended coverage insurance policy in such amount and with such coverage as required by this Agreement.

  • Insurance Premium means the amount that each Debtor shall pay on a monthly basis to Agos pursuant to the relevant Consumer Loan Agreement, in relation to the insurance premium paid by Agos to the relevant Insurance Company under any Financed Insurance Policy.

  • Special Primary Insurance Premium With respect to any Special Primary Insurance Policy, the monthly premium payable thereunder. Statutory Trust Statute: Chapter 38 of Title 12 of the Delaware Code, 12 Del.C. §3801 et seq., as the same may be amended from time to time.

  • Indorsement has the meaning specified in Section 8-102(a)(11) of the UCC, and “Indorsed” has a corresponding meaning.

  • Supplemental Payment means any payments or transfers of things of value made to the District or to any person or persons in any form if such payment or transfer of thing of value being provided is in recognition of, anticipation of, or consideration for the Agreement and that is not authorized pursuant to Sections 313.027(f)(1) or (2) of the TEXAS TAX CODE, and specifically includes any payments required pursuant to Article VI of this Agreement.

  • weekly rate of pay means an employee’s annual rate of pay divided by 52.176.

  • Evidence of Insurability means a statement of proof of your medical history upon which acceptance for insurance will be determined by Liberty.

  • Basic Rate of Pay means the incremental step in the Salaries Schedule applicable to an Employee in accordance with the terms of this Collective Agreement, exclusive of all premium payments.

  • Hazard Insurance Policy means, with respect to each Contract, the policy of fire and extended coverage insurance (and federal flood insurance, if the Manufactured Home is secured by an FHA/VA Contract and such Manufactured Home is located in a federally designated special flood area) required to be maintained for the related Manufactured Home, as provided in Section 5.09, and which, as provided in said Section 5.09, may be a blanket mortgage impairment policy maintained by the Servicer in accordance with the terms and conditions of said Section 5.09.

  • Final Payment Certificate means the payment certificate issued under Sub-Clause 14.13 [Issue of Final Payment Certificate].

  • Endorsement means a written endorsement issued by Us on the Schedule to record any changes to the applicable terms and conditions of this Policy or the details contained in the Schedule. Endorsements shall form a part of this Policy and shall be binding on You and Us. It is agreed that the terms of an Endorsement shall supersede any conflicting provisions in this Policy Document, Rider or Schedule.

  • Guarantee Priority of Payments means the priority of payments relating to moneys received by the Cash Manager for and on behalf of the Guarantor and moneys standing to the credit of the Guarantor Accounts, to be paid on each Guarantor Payment Date in accordance with the Guarantor Agreement.

  • Insurance adjuster means a person who directs or conducts the investigation, negotiation, or settlement of a claim under an insurance policy other than life insurance or an annuity, on behalf of an insurer, policyholder, or a claimant under an insurance policy.

  • Next Payment means, in respect of each Next Payment Date, the greater of (i) the amount of any payments due to be made by Party A under Section 2(a) on such Next Payment Date less any payments due to be made by Party B under Section 2(a) on such Next Payment Date (in each case, after giving effect to any applicable netting under Section 2(c)) and (ii) zero.

  • Payment Certificate means a payment certificate issued under Clause 14 [Contract Price and Payment].

  • Periodic Payment means the regularly scheduled amount due for (i) principal and interest under the Note, plus (ii) any amounts under Section 3 of this Security Instrument.