civil proceedings definition

civil proceedings means any proceedings in or before any court or tribunal that are not criminal proceedings;
civil proceedings means proceedings before the Tribunal or civil proceedings before any court;
civil proceedings means any judicial proceedings in respect of civil or commercial matters, other than criminal proceedings;

Examples of civil proceedings in a sentence

  • Any lawsuit for disputes between the Company and a user in regards to service usage shall be ruled upon by the competent court in accordance with the relevant laws such as the Civil Proceedings Act.

  • Before the Court for its determination is the Claimant/Judgment Creditor’s application for an attachment of debt order pursuant to Part 51 of the Civil Proceedings Rules 1998 (as amended) (“CPR”) filed on 3 October 2022.

  • The rate of interest applicable to any unpaid account will be the rate prescribed under section 59(3) of the Civil Proceedings Act 2011 as at the date of the xxxx, compounding monthly, until payment is received in full.

  • The Claimant’s application is for an order pursuant to Part 26(1)(c) of the Civil Proceedings Rules 1998, as amended (“CPR”) that the Defendant’s defence be struck out as it discloses no grounds for defending the claim.

  • Thus, in electing to file the present application pursuant to Part 10.3(5) of the Civil Proceedings Rules 1998, as amended (CPR), the Defendant has chosen to instead bring the issue within the Court’s discretion.

More Definitions of civil proceedings

civil proceedings means civil proceedings, before any tribunal, in relation to which the strict rules of evidence apply, whether as a matter of law or by agreement of the parties, and references tothe court” shall be construed accordingly;”.
civil proceedings means proceedings before an employment tribunal or civil proceedings before any other court;
civil proceedings means any claims, actions, suits, proceedings brought before a court of competent jurisdiction in Belize or elsewhere not being or including a proceeding in pursuance of or in connection with a fiscal offence or a serious crime;
civil proceedings means civil proceedings in—
civil proceedings means proceedings which are not criminal in nature and which are before the Supreme Court, the High Court, a magistrates court or any other court to which the strict rules of evidence apply;
civil proceedings means proceedings to which rules of court made under the Civil Procedure Act 1997 apply;