Energy Provider definition

Energy Provider means an entity providing sources of energy other than electricity or natural gas that are recognized by Portfolio Manager.
Energy Provider means such persons or entities prescribed for the purposes of this Part. (“fournisseur d’énergie”)
Energy Provider means a person who provides heating fuel, including natural gas, electricity, fuel oil, propane, wood, or other form of heating fuel, to residences at retail.

Examples of Energy Provider in a sentence

  • Lighting service under this schedule applies to non-roadway lighting facilities requested by the Retail Energy Provider (REP) on behalf of a customer connected to Company's distribution system.

  • In addition, Tenant hereby authorizes Landlord to obtain copies of the Energy Bills directly from the Energy Provider(s), and Tenant hereby authorizes each Energy Provider to provide Energy Bills and related usage information directly to Landlord without Tenant’s consent.

  • It is the intent and agreement of Grantor and Grantee that Grantee shall not be required to pay Grantor a franchise fee under Section 6 of a percentage greater than that paid to Grantor by any other Electric Utility or Electric Energy Provider utilizing Grantor's Rights of Way on such Electric Utility's or Electric Energy Provider's revenues attributable to services that are the same or substantially the same as those performed by Grantee.

  • The demand may be adjusted to correct to 95% power factor based on billing from Wholesale Energy Provider.

  • Work with the Energy Provider to finalize the scope of work with the energy efficiency measures to be installed.

More Definitions of Energy Provider

Energy Provider is defined in the second "Whereas" clause hereof.
Energy Provider means such persons or entities prescribed by regulation for the purposes of this section. (“fournisseur d’énergie”)
Energy Provider means any utility, municipal utility, cooperative utility, or any other corporation or individual which provides winter energy services;
Energy Provider means Northwind Aladdin, LLC, a Nevada limited-liability company.
Energy Provider means any non‐electric and gas utility entity providing energy, as defined by Section 25109, Public Resources Code, used by a nonresidential building.
Energy Provider means a qualified and licensed distributor of oil, propane, natural gas, or other
Energy Provider means any utility, municipal