Energy recovery definition

Energy recovery means the use of combustible packaging waste as a means to generate energy through direct incineration with or without other waste but with recovery of the heat;
Energy recovery means recovery in which all or a part of the solid waste materials are processed to use the heat content, or other forms of energy, of or from the material.
Energy recovery means energy recovery from waste that is conversion of waste material into usable heat, electricity or fuel through a variety of processes including combustion, gasification, pyrolisation, anaerobic digestion and landfill gas recovery ;

Examples of Energy recovery in a sentence

  • Energy recovery technologies depend on inefficient thermal processes.

  • Energy recovery from one tonne of RDF generates 924 kWh electricity and 3 422 kWh heat, in addition 18 kg iron and 2 kg aluminum are recycled per tonne RDF35 (Nohlgren et al.

  • Energy recovery systems are acceptable; however chemical fume hood exhaust or biosafety level 3 laboratory exhaust must not be routed through energy wheels.

  • Energy recovery facilities include codis- posal measures for sludge and refuse which produce energy; anaerobic digestion facili- ties ( Provided, That more than 90 percent of the methane gas is recovered and used as fuel); and equipment which provides for the use of digester gas within the treatment works.

More Definitions of Energy recovery

Energy recovery means the recovery of energy in a useable form from incineration, burning, or any other means of using the heat of combustion of solid waste that involves high temperature (above 1200 degrees Fahrenheit) processing.
Energy recovery means a process operating under federal and
Energy recovery means recovery in which all or a part of the solid waste materials are
Energy recovery means a procedure in which all or a part of
Energy recovery means a waste recovery operation where combustible waste is used as a means to produce energy through incineration of this waste, with or without other waste or fuel, with recovery of the generated heat.
Energy recovery means the beneficial use, reuse, recycling, or reclamation of solid waste through the use of the waste to recover energy therefrom.