foreign financial institution definition

foreign financial institution means an institution registered as a foreign financial institution with the Ministry of Finance in the Mexican Banking and Financial Institutions, Pensions, Retirement and Foreign Investment Funds Registry for purposes of Article 195, Section I of the Mexican Income Tax Law.
foreign financial institution. (FFI) means any non-US financial entity that: (i) accepts deposits in the ordinary course of business or other similar services, (ii) holds as a substantial part of its business (more than 20%) , financial assets for others; (iii) is an insurer (or a holding company of a group that includes an insurer) in the life business that has cash value policies or lifetime annuities; or (iv) meets the following requirements:
foreign financial institution means foreign credit institutions and foreign financial enterprises;

Examples of foreign financial institution in a sentence

  • Under the terms of FATCA, the Company will be treated as a Foreign Financial Institution (within the meaning of FATCA).

  • Section 3: US FATCA Classification for all Non United States EntitiesPlease complete this section if the entity is not a U.S. Person3.1 If the entity is a Registered Foreign Financial Institution, please tick one of the below categories, and provide the entity’sFATCA GIIN at 3.1.1.

  • III.The Entity is a Certified Deemed Compliant Foreign Financial Institution (including a deemed compliant Financial Institution under Annex II of the IGA Agreement) Indicate exemption: _IV.The Entity is a Non-Participating Foreign Financial InstitutionV.The Entity is an Excepted Foreign Financial InstitutionIndicate exemption: _VI.The Entity is a Trustee Documented Trust.

  • Foreign Financial Institution [FFI] – Means any non-US financial institutions that is a – (1) Depository institution – accepts deposits in the ordinary course of banking or similar business; (2) Custodian institution - as a substantial portion of its business, hold financial assets for the accounts of others; (3) Investment entity – conducts a business or operates for or on behalf of a customer for any of the activities like trading in money market instruments, foreign exchange, foreign currency, etc.

  • FATCA:The Investment Fund is registered with the US tax authorities as a Qualified Collective Investment Vehicle (QCIV) Foreign Financial Institution pursuant to Sections 1471 – 1474 of the US Internal Revenue Code (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, including the relevant directives, “FATCA”).

More Definitions of foreign financial institution

foreign financial institution or “FFI” means a foreign entity (as defined in §1.1473-1(e)) that is a financial institution.
foreign financial institution means a financial institution which is incorporated under the laws of a country outside of the Currency Union;
foreign financial institution means a financial institution established under the laws of a country other than Seychelles;
foreign financial institution means a financial institution incorporated in a jurisdiction other than Trinidad and Tobago which is authorized to carry on banking business or business of a financial nature in Trinidad and Tobago;
foreign financial institution means a bank or financial institution (i) registered in Book I (Libro I), Section 1 (Sección 1) of the Foreign Banks, Financial Entities, Pension and Retirement Funds and Investment Funds Registry (Registro de Bancos, Entidades de Financiamiento, Fondos de Pensiones y Jubilaciones y Fondos de Inversión del Extranjero) maintained by Hacienda for purposes of Rule II.3.13.1 of the Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal for the year 2009 and Article 195-I of the Ley del Impuesto Sobre la Renta (or any successor provisions thereof), (ii) which is a resident (or, if such entity is lending through a branch or agency, the principal office of which is a resident) for tax purposes in a jurisdiction with which Mexico has entered into a treaty for the avoidance of double-taxation which is in effect, and (iii) which is the effective beneficiary (beneficiario efectivo) of any interest paid hereunder or under the Note.
foreign financial institution means a financial, organized abroad and doing business in Liberia, whether such business be banking or other business;
foreign financial institution or “FFI” has the meaning set forth in §1.1471-1(b)(47).