Wastes definition

Wastes means and includes any hazardous, toxic or dangerous waste, liquid, substance or material (including petroleum products and derivatives), the generation, handling, storage, disposal, treatment or emission of which is subject to any Environmental Law.
Wastes means substances, solutions, mixtures or articles for which no direct use is envisaged but which are transported for reprocessing, dumping, elimination by incineration or other methods of disposal;
Wastes means sewage, industrial wastes, and all other liquid, gaseous, solid, radioactive or other substances which will or may cause pollution or tend to cause pol- lution of any waters of the state.

Examples of Wastes in a sentence

  • The Contractor is reminded that chemical waste containers should be properly treated and stored temporarily in designated chemical waste storage area on site in accordance with the Code of Practise on the Packaging, Labelling and Storage of Chemical Wastes.

  • Sajeena BeeviComparative study on the removal of methyl orange using zeolite/biochar-supported iron oxide catalyst from industrial by- products.Desalination and Water Treatment, doi: 10.5004/dwt.2022.28941 (2022) 1–194Dr. Anjana R.Ansab N.P, Ranjana R, Anjana R.Molecular Modelling & Characterization of Metal Incorporated Biocharfrom Industrial Wastes Advanced Materials ResearchISSN: 1662-8985, Vol.

  • Wastes will be properly segregated and separated to encourage recycling of some useful wastes; dustbins will be provided at the construction site.

  • Wastes that are non-biodegradable, toxic to vegetative cover, cause soil dispersion, contain greases, waxes, or other soil pore clogging substances, or that are persistently toxic in the environment should not be applied to the soil.

  • Wastes received in baled form (mainly packaging and RDF) are collected for logistical purposes and transported by trucks to various authorized waste management companies or to other Licensee sites for further processing.

More Definitions of Wastes

Wastes means dredged spoil, solid waste, incinerator residue, sewage, garbage, sewage sludge, munitions, chemical wastes, biological materials, radioactive materials, heat, wrecked or discarded equipment, rock, sand, cellar dirt, and industrial, municipal, and agricultural waste discharged into water. (Section 19-5-102).
Wastes means sewage, industrial waste and all other liquid, gaseous, solid, radioactive, or other substances which may pollute any waters of the state;
Wastes means Waste as defined by section 2 of the Act.
Wastes means sewage, industrial wastes, or any other liquid, gaseous or solid substance which will pollute any waters of the state;
Wastes means substances or objects which are disposed of or are intended to be disposed of or are required to be disposed of by the provisions of national law.
Wastes means substances and materials of any kind, form or description resulting from activities covered by this Protocol which are disposed of or are intended for disposal or are required to be disposed of;
Wastes means substances in liquid, solid, or gaseous form, which can be carried in water.