Domestic violence services definition

Domestic violence services means the Chitimacha Human Services Department or any other entity that either:
Domestic violence services means [emergency shelter care and related core services provided] referral to [adult] community partners that support the safety of victims of domestic violence and their dependent children and provide services to perpetrators of domestic violence[, which]. Services may include:
Domestic violence services means: (a) temporary shelter, treatment, and related services to: (i) a person who is a victim of abuse, as defined in Section 78B-7-102; and (ii) the dependent children of a person described in Subsection (12)(a)(i); and (b) treatment services for a person who is alleged to have committed, has been convicted of, or has pled guilty to, an act of domestic violence as defined in Section 77-36-1.

Examples of Domestic violence services in a sentence

  • Domestic violence services can also be part of the Employment Plan.

  • Domestic violence services are also provided by each local social services district, as required by the New York State Domestic Violence Prevention Act of 1987.

  • Domestic violence services pursuant to title 36, chapter 30, article 1.

  • Domestic violence services should collaborate with consumer lawyers to address identity theft and coerced debt.

  • Domestic violence services unrelated to sexual violence.Any out-of-scope activities will need to be removed from the application.

  • Domestic violence services, including the provision of safe accommodation, should be available toall women and girls on Chuck.

  • Domestic violence services and community collaboration are essential to meet the needs of families where domestic violence and child abuse and/or neglect co-occur.

  • Type of Service: Domestic violence services include individual consultation by phone or in person, community education services, individual and group support and counseling, direct intervention and shelter services, legal assistance, and assistance in moving to a safe living situation.

  • Domestic violence services and research on the one hand gener- ally do not focus in any special way on older women and age-related issues, and elder (abuse) services and research with their focus on vulnerability and care issues on the other hand usually are not sensitive to gender-specific dimensions of violence in partnerships.

  • Although homeless shelters may not turn clients away based on immigration status, the options formoving on to permanent housing are limited if there are no immigrants in a Qualified Alien status living in the household.• Domestic violence services and shelters: City-run and City-funded shelters for domestic violence survivors may not turn clients away based on immigration status.

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Domestic violence services means emergency shelter care and related core services provided to adult victims of domestic violence and their dependent children, which include:

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