Disbursement definition

Disbursement is defined in Section 2.6.2.
Disbursement has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.

Examples of Disbursement in a sentence

The dollar amount set forth in the Disbursement Request shall be calculated based on the Participation Percentage as set forth originally in Appendix D of this Agreement or as may be adjusted from time to time to account for changed conditions in the project financing scheme.

Please refer to the enclosure entitled "Notification of Disbursement Method" and the accompanying "Instructions for Declaring Official Intent".

Within five (5) Business Days following receipt of the Disbursement Request and all required information and certifications, the Director shall, if such items are deemed by the Director to be accurate and completed, initiate a voucher in accordance with applicable State requirements for the payment of the amount set forth in the Disbursement Request.

Upon receipt of a warrant from the Auditor of State drawn in connection with a voucher initiated in accordance with the terms of the preceding sentence, the Director shall forward it by regular first class United States mail or electronic funds transfer, to the contractor or other authorized recipient designated in the Disbursement Request.

If you intend to seek reimbursement, you must return the enclosed "Notification of Disbursement Method" indicating this choice AND your passed Resolution to our office.

More Definitions of Disbursement

Disbursement means, collectively, (a) an advance of a working capital loan from Lender to Borrower under the Loan Facility, and (b) an advance to fund a drawing under a Letter of Credit issued or caused to be issued by Lender for the account of Borrower under the Loan Facility.
Disbursement means a payment in cash.
Disbursement means any payment of moneys, including any transfer of funds, by any means.
Disbursement means any of the following:
Disbursement is defined in SECTION 2.6.2.