Disbursement definition

Disbursement has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.
Disbursement is defined in Section 2.6.2.

Examples of Disbursement in a sentence

  • The imprest account shall be established, managed, replenished and liquidated in accordance with ADB's Loan Disbursement Handbook and detailed arrangements agreed upon between the Beneficiary and ADB.

  • The account is under the management of MOF, with a list of authorized expenditures contained in the SSL Disbursement Framework.

  • Disbursement Ratification (Schedules A, B, & D) General Management Reports 1.

  • Table 2: Cumulative Disbursement Projections (from IDA Funds Only) Calendar YearQuarter Notes:1.

  • Final Payment Determination and Disbursement (Based Upon the Reconciliation Application)The Secretary will determine any balance due or any overpayment made to individual hospitals following the determination of changes, if any, to the number of resident FTEs reported by children’s hospitals in their reconciliation applications as a result of the Resident FTE Assessment Program.

More Definitions of Disbursement

Disbursement means, collectively, (a) an advance of a working capital loan from Lender to Borrower under the Loan Facility, and (b) an advance to fund a drawing under a Letter of Credit issued or caused to be issued by Lender for the account of Borrower under the Loan Facility.
Disbursement means a payment in cash.
Disbursement means any payment of moneys, including any transfer of funds, by any means.
Disbursement means any of the following:
Disbursement means Lender’s disbursement of any part of the Loan under this Loan Agreement, or my endorsement and delivery of any Loan Proceeds check to Contractor or a Supplier.
Disbursement means the date funds are wire transferred from Holder's account) of all or a part of the principal of this Note ("Disbursement Date") until maturity at the rate of four and 96/100 percent (4.96%) per annum ("Contract Rate") as follows: