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Digital book means a work that is generally recognized in the ordinary and usual sense as a book.
Digital book means a work that is generally recognized in the ordinary and usual
Digital book means a work that is generally recognized in the ordinary

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  • The Customer has the right to access Online service, Digital book and Interface included in the Agreement for their own internal use during the validity of the Agreement, provided that the Customer has paid the fees for the use of the Service in full on time, and complies with the terms of the Agreement.

  • The structure of Online service, Digital book, Interface and Product information (previously RT product information) publishing service and the ideas, methods, techniques, manifestations and concepts contained or expressed therein are always confidential information of Rakennustieto (Building Information Ltd).

  • Digital book providers have the po- tential to track, aggregate, analyze, and disclose reader activity to an extent far beyond anything possible with physical books.

  • Digital book" means a workthat is generally1142recognized in the ordinary and usualsense as a book.1143(4) "Electronically transferred" means obtained bythe1144purchaser by means other than tangible storage media.1145 Sec.

  • In 2020, 4,021 homes burned down.Homes destroyed by wildfire: Whether ignited by downed power lines, arson or the explosive spread of active wildfires, flames ripped through a number of Oregon towns from Sept.

  • Required book: Digital book Accounting.Available through Blackboard at 92238 110 Oct 1-Dec 12 ONLINE92238- Students have to have QuickBooks on their computer.

  • The use (outwards) of Online service, Digital book and Interface requires a licence, which is provided to the Customer on purchase of the Service.

  • Digital book adoption may accelerate depending on the use of marketing mix elements, availability of digital book titles and how competition unfolds in the coming years all of which can significantly alter the adoption process (Hubli 2010).

  • Digital book reading rates are also over 10 points lower among U.S. children age 3 to 12 than for their parents.

  • Digital book providers should ensure that readers in resource-poor areas have options for engag- ing with new digital resources.

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Digital book means a work that is generally recognized in the ordinary and usual sense as a book. (ddd) "Transferred electronically" means obtained by the purchaser by means other than tangible storage
Digital book means a work that is generally
Digital book means a work that is generally recognized in the ordinary and usual 2290 sense as a book. 2291 (38) (a) "Direct mail" means printed material delivered or distributed by United States 2292 mail or other delivery service: 2293 (i) to: 2294 (A) a mass audience; or 2295 (B) addressees on a mailing list provided: 2296 (I) by a purchaser of the mailing list; or 2297 (II) at the discretion of the purchaser of the mailing list; and 2298 (ii) if the cost of the printed material is not billed directly to the recipients. 2299 (b) "Direct mail" includes tangible personal property supplied directly or indirectly by a 2300 purchaser to a seller of direct mail for inclusion in a package containing the printed material. 2301 (c) "Direct mail" does not include multiple items of printed material delivered to a 2302 single address. 2303 (39) "Directory assistance" means an ancillary service of providing: 2304 (a) address information; or 2305 (b) telephone number information. 2306 (40) (a) "Disposable home medical equipment or supplies" means medical equipment 2307 or supplies that: 2308 (i) cannot withstand repeated use; and 2309 (ii) are purchased by, for, or on behalf of a person other than: 2310 (A) a health care facility as defined in Section 26-21-2; 2311 (B) a health care provider as defined in Section 78B-3-403; 2312 (C) an office of a health care provider described in Subsection (40)(a)(ii)(B); or 2313 (D) a person similar to a person described in Subsections (40)(a)(ii)(A) through (C). 2314 (b) "Disposable home medical equipment or supplies" does not include: 2315 (i) a drug; 2316 (ii) durable medical equipment; 2317 (iii) a hearing aid; 2318 (iv) a hearing aid accessory; 2319 (v) mobility enhancing equipment; or
Digital book means “[a] work that is generally recognized in the ordinary and usual sense as a book that is transferred electronically.” G.S. 105-164.3(61).
Digital book means a workthat is generally1131recognized in the ordinary and usualsense as a book.1132 (4) "Electronically transferred" means obtained by the 1133purchaser by means other than tangible storage media. 1134

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  • Digital books means works that are generally recognized in the ordinary and usual sense as books.

  • Digital network means any online-enabled application, software, website or system offered or utilized by a transportation network company that enables the prearrangement of rides with transportation network company drivers.

  • Hyperlink means a special HTML code that allows text or graphics to serve as a link that, when clicked on, takes a user to another place in the same document, to another document, or to another Internet Web site or Web page.

  • Open Wireless Network means any network or segment of a network that is not designated by the State of New Hampshire’s Department of Information Technology or delegate as a protected network (designed, tested, and approved, by means of the State, to transmit) will be considered an open network and not adequately secure for the transmission of unencrypted PI, PFI, PHI or confidential DHHS data.

  • Network means the participating providers described in the Provider Directory.

  • Metadata includes all information created manually or automatically to provide meaning or context to other data.

  • Online means transactions through electronic data-interchange whether real time transactions or otherwise, which may be through the internet, intranet networks and the like.

  • Digital Health has the meaning ascribed to it in the Accountability Agreement and means the coordinated and integrated use of electronic systems, information and communication technologies to facilitate the collection, exchange and management of personal health information in order to improve the quality, access, productivity and sustainability of the healthcare system;

  • Universal Digital Loop Carrier (UDLC means the DLC system that has a CO terminal channel bank that is connected to the CO switches on the analog side.

  • Host means any plant or animal on or in which another lives for nourishment, development, or protection.

  • Synchronous Optical Network (SONET means the optical interface standard that allows inter-networking of transmission products from multiple vendors. The base rate is 51.84 Mbps (“OC 1/STS 1”) and higher rates are direct multiples of the base rate, up to 13.22 Gbps.

  • Games means games of chance.

  • Digital Learning means a digital technology or internet-based educational delivery model that does not rely exclusively on compressed interactive video (CIV). Digital learning includes online and blended learning.

  • Mobile means any mobile delivery technology including 3G, 3.5G, 4G, 5G cellular technology, and any subsequent generation technology, edge, DVBH or DMB which is or may be used with radio frequency spectrum in any band, to enable or facilitate transmission of textual material, data, voice, video and/or multimedia service to any device (whether now known or hereafter developed) which is capable of receiving and/or sending voice and/or data and/or video communications by means of a device which is designed primarily as a portable device.

  • Database Management System (“DBMS”) is a computer process used to store, sort, manipulate and update the data required to provide Selective Routing and ALI.

  • Catalog means the available list of tangible personal property or services, in the most current listing, regardless of date, during the life of the contract, that takes the form of a catalog, price list, schedule, shelf price or other form that:

  • Networking means NSCC’s system that allows mutual funds and life insurance companies to exchange account level information electronically; and “Settling Bank” shall mean the entity appointed by the Trust or you, as applicable, to perform such settlement services on behalf of the Trust and you, as applicable, which entity agrees to abide by NSCC’s then current rules and procedures insofar as they relate to same day funds settlement. In all cases, processing and settlement of share transactions shall be done in a manner consistent with applicable law.

  • Link means a situation in which two or more natural or legal persons are either linked by a direct or indirect holding in an undertaking which represents 10% or more of the capital or of the voting rights or which makes it possible to exercise a significant influence over the management of the undertaking in which that holding subsists.

  • Cable Television Network or “cable TV network” means any system consisting of a set of closed transmission paths and associated signal generation, control and distribution equipment, designed to provide cable service for reception by multiple subscribers;