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Destec means Destec Energy, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
Destec has the meaning stated in the preamble.

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  • Withdrawal following a termination of employment may be allowed to the extent such withdrawal would be permissible under the provisions of Appendices A and B and related provisions of the NGC Plan with respect to withdrawals from a Trident Account or Destec Account, if applicable, which provisions are incorporated herein and made a part of this paragraph and the Plan by reference for all purposes.

  • Copies of this filing were served upon WPE-Colorado, Destec, Vitol, Missouri, WPE-Kansas, Acquila, Western, Coral, Calpine, the ArkansasPublic Service Commission, theLouisiana Public Service Commission and the Public Utility Commission of Texas.Comment date: October 2, 1996, inaccordance with Standard Paragraph E at the end of this notice.

  • This will include the application of the Destec Credit towards the payment of such cancellation fees and accounting for any remaining credit as Future Unit Credit as reflected in Exhibit 1.

  • Payments will be composed of cash and the application of past project credits ("Destec Credit").

  • Copies of this filing were served upon WPE-Colorado, Destec, Vitol, Missouri, WPE-Kansas, Acquila, Western, Coral, Calpine and theOklahoma Corporation Commission.Comment date: October 2, 1996, in accordance with Standard Paragraph E at the end of this notice.

  • Docket No. 12065, on behalf of Destec before the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

  • Effective July 1, 1997, NGC acquired Destec Energy, Inc., an independent power producer.

  • Mr. Staff also serves as a director of Destec Energy Inc., an independent power company.

  • For the Destec gasifier, high-pressure steam with an energy content up to nearly 12.5 % of the energy content of the coal consumed can be generated by heat recovered from syngas cooling [Simbeck et al., 1993].

  • The Destec gasifier structure, gas cleanup system, and sulfur recovery plant are on the left.

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