Electronically definition

Electronically means any information submitted by email or uploading on the designated portal or digital payment in any mode for the purpose of code;
Electronically means any form of message made by any type of telecommunication, digital or electronic or technological device;
Electronically or “electronic method” means with respect to notice, one transmitted through a timesharing terminal, computer network or facsimile machine, if operative as between any two parties, or if not operative, by telephone (promptly confirmed in writing).

Examples of Electronically in a sentence

  • Exam Duration No of questions Marking Civil Litigation (paper 1) 2 hours 50 Multiple Choice questions(MCQs)Electronically – by the BSB Civil Litigation (paper 2) 2.5 hours 40 Multiple Choice questions(MCQs) including rolling case scenariosElectronically – by the BSB Criminal Litigation 3 hours 75 Multiple Choice questions (MCQs) Electronically – by the BSB The following BPTC subjects are centrally examined: Civil Litigation and Evidence; andCriminal Litigation, Evidence and Sentencing.

  • Murray, “Entering into Contracts Electronically: The Real W.W.W.”, in Edwards and Waelde (eds), Law and the Internet: A Framework for Electronic Commerce (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2000), pp.17–36.

  • A Usage Report (Attachment 7) shall be furnished on the 15th (or next business day after the 15th day) of each month by the successful Vendor Electronically in Excel format detailing the purchasing of all items on this contract.

  • ARTICLE All About SPICe- forms MCA has taken a great step in the direction of Government Process Re-engineering (GPR) by introducing Simplified structure of Incorporation of a company i.e. SPICe form 32.Government has notified these forms and made the same lawful vide Companies (Incorporation) Fourth Amendment Rules, 2016 dated 1st October 2016 viz.“Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Companies Electronically (SPICe).

  • Currently, the IRS is soliciting comments concerning Form 8508, Request for Waiver From Filing Information Returns Electronically (Forms W–2, W–2G, 1042–S, 1098Series, 1099 Series, 5498 Series, and8027).

More Definitions of Electronically

Electronically means in the form of an electronic communication;
Electronically means distribution by electronic mail or facsimile
Electronically means relating to technology having electrical, digital, magnetic, wireless, optical, electromagnetic, or similar capabilities.
Electronically means by means of either on-line telecommunication or the off-line physical delivery of tapes, diskettes, or similar devices.
Electronically means in the form of an electronic communication; “working day” means a day which is not a Saturday or a Sunday, Christmas
Electronically or “Electronic” means any form of message made by any type of telecommunication, digital or IT device, including the internet, email, text message and fax) to the Client’s address, fax number or e-mail address last known to the Portfolio Manager and shall be deemed to have been duly delivered and received by the Client: