deliberative vote definition

deliberative vote means a vote cast by each Board Member (including the Chairperson) for the purpose of deciding a matter under deliberation;
deliberative vote means a normal vote cast by an entitled Member;
deliberative vote means an additional vote by the president of a meeting after a tied vote as distinct from the vote that this person has as a member;

More Definitions of deliberative vote

deliberative vote means (i) in respect of a resolution, a vote in favour of the resolution, or a vote against the resolution, or an abstention from voting on that resolution; and (ii) for the purpose of an election, a vote in favour of a particular candidate or candidates as the case may be, or an abstention from voting.
deliberative vote referred to in rule 17.2 means a vote in the positive or negative;
deliberative vote means the ordinary vote of a member of a committee or meeting, as distinct from the casting vote of a chairman;
deliberative vote means a vote cast by each member on an issue;

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