Day-Ahead definition

Day-Ahead has the meaning set forth in the CAISO Tariff.
Day-Ahead has the meaning set forth in the Tariff.
Day-Ahead means the next Gas Day

Examples of Day-Ahead in a sentence

  • Except where Owner has made a delegation to Energy Manager under Section 7.8, Energy Manager shall promptly present each potential Day-Ahead Commodity Transaction to Owner for approval.

  • Seller shall offer the CT in the MISO Day-Ahead Market and MISO Real-Time Market in accordance with the Transmission Provider Tariff.

  • Energy Manager does not represent or warrant that it will be able to consummate any particular Day-Ahead Commodity Transactions, Long Term Commodity Transaction, Short Term Commodity Transaction, Other Agreement or, where applicable, Related Transaction.

  • Owner hereby agrees that it is sophisticated and capable of assessing the risks and merits of the Day-Ahead Commodity Transactions, Short Term Commodity Transactions and Long Term Commodity Transactions entered into pursuant to this Agreement and Implementation Agreements.

  • Both Commonwealth and Calpine will submit daily schedules to their respective ISO Scheduling Coordinators in a manner such that daily schedules are included in the ISO's Day-Ahead Market for bilateral transactions.

More Definitions of Day-Ahead

Day-Ahead. As defined and may be modified in the CAISO Tariff.
Day-Ahead means, in relation to a Trading Day, the next following Trading Day;
Day-Ahead means the period of time starting at 0001 and ending at 2400 on the day prior to the Operating Day.
Day-Ahead means the twenty four (24) hour period prior to the operating day.
Day-Ahead. MARKET is the market provided for in Section 14A and conducted in the calendar day immediately ---------------- preceding a Dispatch Day in which Energy, Operating Reserve, 4-Hour Reserve and AGC are scheduled for a Dispatch Day, based on the Day-Ahead Demand Bids and Supply Offers and applicable NEPOOL System Rules.
Day-Ahead means, in respect of a Capacity Product, that the Capacity is made available for the transportation of Natural Gas for one (1) Gas Day, being the Gas Day immediately following contracting of that Capacity Product;