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Processed Cheese means the product obtained by grinding, mixing, melting and emulsifying one or more varieties of cheeses with the aid of heat and emulsifying agents and may contain cream, butter, butter oil and other milk products. It may also contain non-dairy ingredients not exceeding one sixth of the weight of the total solids of the final product on dry matter basis.
Processed Cheese means the product obtained by grinding, mixing, melting and emulsifying one or more varieties of cheeses with the aid of heat and emulsifying agents. It may contain cream, butter, butter oil and other milk products subject to maximum 5.0 percent lactose content in the final product and edible common salt, vinegar/ acetic acid, spices and other vegetable seasoning and foods other than sugars properly cooked or prepared for flavouring and characterization of the product provided these additions do not exceed one sixth of the weight of the total solids of the final product on dry matter basis and cultures of harmless bacteria and enzymes. It shall have pleasant taste and smell free from off flavour and rancidity. It may contain food additives permitted in these regulation including Appendix A. It shall conform to the microbiological requirements prescribed in Appendix B. It shall conform to the following requirements:—
Processed Cheese means cheese which has been subjected to a process of melting and mixing with or without the addition of emulsifying salts;

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  • Processed Cheese Spread means the product obtained by grinding, mixing, melting and emulsifying one or more varieties of cheese with emulsifying agents with the aid of heat.

  • The Delegation of New Zealand introduced the work on the proposed draft General Standard for Processed Cheese for adoption at Step 5 explaining the process used for the development of the Standard.

  • The Commission, taking into account the recommendation of the CCEXEC7033 and recognizing the progress made, agreed to adopt the proposed draft Standard for Processed Cheese at Step 5, noting the reservations of Egypt and the European Union.

  • Comments at Step 3 are hereby requested on Proposed Draft Standard for Processed Cheese (Appendix II).

  • Due to time constraints, the Committee could not consider the Proposed Draft Revised Standards for Processed Cheese, Cream, and individual cheeses and the Proposed Draft Standards for Fermented Milks, Milk Products Obtained from Fermented Milks Heat-Treated after Fermentation, and Dairy Spreads.

  • See also Codex Standard for Named Variety Process(ed) Cheese and Spreadable Process(ed) Cheese (CXSN A-08a-1978), Codex Standard for Process(ed) Cheese and Spreadable Process(ed) Cheese (CXSN A-08b-1978), and Codex Standard for Process(ed) Cheese Preparations (Process(ed) Cheese Food and Process(ed) Cheese Spread)) (CXSN A-08c-1978).

  • USDA routinely purchases dairy products for food assistance programs,12 including Evaporated Milk, Infant Formula, Instant Nonfat Dry Milk, Kosher Process Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Natural American Cheese (cheddar types), Processed Cheese, and Ultra High Temperature Milk.

  • Start new work on a Standard for Processed Cheese, as described in the project document44.

  • There are several types of cheese available that vary in nutrient quality: Natural or Pasteurized Processed Cheese or Cheese Substitutes – Counts ounce for ounce toward the meat/meat alternate (examples include: American, cheddar, mozzarella, and Swiss).

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Processed Cheese. 1 means the product obtained by heating one or mote types of hard cheeses with permitted emulsifiers and/or stabilizers namely citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium salts of orthophoric acid and polyphosphoric acid (as linear phosphate) with or without added condiments, and acidifying agents, namely vinegar, lactic acid, acetic acid, citiric acid and phosphoric acid. Processed cheese may contain not more than 4.0 percent of anhydrous permitted emulsifiers and/or stabilizers, provided that the content of anhydrous inorganic agents shall in no case exceed 3.0 percent of the finished product. It shall not contain more than 47.0 percent moisture. Processed cheese chiplets (packed sliced cheese) when sold in a package other than tin, shall not contain more than 50.0 percent moisture. The milk fat content shall not be less than 40.0 percent of the dry matter. Processed cheese may contain upto 3000 parts per million sorbic acid , or its sodium, potassium or calcium salts calculated as sorbic acid, and/or 12.5 parts per million nisin either singly or in combination. It may contain calcium chloride (anhydrous) not exceeding 0.02 percent by weight.
Processed Cheese means the product obtained by grinding, mixing, melting and emulsifying one or more varieties of cheeses with the aid of heat and emulsifying agents and may contain cream, butter, butter oil and other milk products. It may also contain

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