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Examples of CRO in a sentence

  • References to FINRA’s Executive Vice President charged with oversight for financial responsibility shall be construed as a reference to the LTSE CRO.

  • The figures are approximate and based on an analysis of publicly available accounts submitted to the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

  • Perron, for a Zoning District Change and Zoning Map Amendment from SUI CRO to SUI CRO PUD for 70.67 (+/-) acres to develop a 41 lot residential subdivision (Quail Ridge) on property located west of 3400 East and south of the Snake River Canyon Rim.

  • Other publications used a phrase from the ICMJE requirements for authorship, describing individual authors’ involvement in “acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data,” and thus grouped three very different processes making it impossible to assess who did the statistical analysis.15 In 10 trials, the funder was stated as having no role in the data analysis, but who else was involved was unclear (for example, a CRO).

  • As directed by the independent manager(s), the CRO will be responsible for the implementation and prosecution of the Chapter 11 Cases, including negotiations with creditors, reconciliation of claims asserted by creditors, investigation and pursuit of claims against third parties, and confirmation of a Chapter 11 plan.

More Definitions of CRO

CRO means any Third Party contract research organization used to conduct the Combined Therapy Clinical Trial, including laboratories and Third Parties used to maintain the safety database from the Combined Therapy Clinical Trial, but, for clarity, excluding clinical trial sites and any Third Parties who are individuals.
CRO means a Third Party contract research organization.
CRO means a contract research organization, including those defined in (i) 21 C.F.R. 312.3(b), (ii) ICH GCP E6 and (iii) foreign equivalents of the foregoing, each as may be amended from time to time.