Control Tower definition

Control Tower means the air traffic control tower located on the airport.
Control Tower means the aircraft control center operated by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States Government and located on the Airport.
Control Tower means The Control Tower, Island Harbour, Mill Lane, Binfield, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 2LA.

Examples of Control Tower in a sentence

  • Vessels returning to Berths and finding another craft on its Berth must Berth in a visitor’s Berth and the Control Tower must be notified immediately.

  • At the time of giving such warning, the Control Tower should also be provided with the anticipated time and date of return.

  • Any change will be displayed at the Control Tower and will be deemed to have been incorporated at the date and time of display.

  • If outside contractors or workmen are instructed to carry out any work in the Marina, they must report to the Control Tower daily, and prior consent must be obtained in writing for them to operate in the Marina.

  • Owners leaving their cars in the Marina for a period that they are away, in excess of one week, from the Marina are required to deposit a set of keys to their cars with the Control Tower.

More Definitions of Control Tower

Control Tower means an Airport Traffic Control Facility located at the Airport and operated by or on behalf of the FAA.
Control Tower is a management function and position. PARTS DEPARTMENT Partsman "A": Five (5) years continuous experience in the retail and/or wholesale parts business and capable of assuming any position in the parts department; Partsman "B": Two (2) years continuous experience up to five (5) years, in the retail and/or wholesale parts business; Partsman "C": Less than two (2) years continuous experience in the retail and/or wholesale parts business; Truck Driver: shall consist of other members in the parts department such as shipper receiver, driver or casual labour.
Control Tower is defined in the Port/IAT Lease and means the building in which the air traffic control tower for the Airport is located, known as Building No. 156.