Constrained definition

Constrained means a practice working to patient over-capacity for the size of their premises and the clinical space available to provide the required services to their patients. A Practice in this situation would usually need to be re-configured, extended or even relocated to absorb a significant number of new patient registrations.
Constrained here means that all of these allocations are subject to the sustainability constraints resulting from the lack of commitment. To simplify the terminology, we simply refer to the “constrained Pareto efficient allocations” as “Pareto efficient allocations” unless additional emphasis is needed.
Constrained. Product will mean Product that is not available from Ingram general inventory due to customer demand exceeding manufacturers supply and is flagged with a "C" or "R" in Ingram's Order Entry or Inventory Inquiry system.

Examples of Constrained in a sentence

  • Disturbance of Severely Constrained and Moderately Constrained Slopes is prohibited, with the exception of that required in connection with a linear development.

  • Such linear development, however, shall be permitted only in the event that there is no feasible alternative for such development outside of the Severely Constrained or Moderately Constrained Slopes.

  • Development shall not occur in Prime Ground Water Recharge Areas unless either, the entirety of the subject property is located within a Prime Ground Water Recharge Area and thus cannot be avoided, or the disturbance represents the only viable alternate means to avoid Critical Habitat, Highlands Open Waters buffers, Moderately Constrained Steep Slopes, or Severely Constrained Steep Slopes, to the extent that these resources are also present upon the subject property.

  • To address the “no feasible alternative for linear development” standard, the applicant shall demonstrate that there is no other location, design or configuration for the proposed linear development that would reduce or eliminate the disturbance of Severely Constrained or Moderately Constrained Slopes.

  • Where developed for Current Deficit Areas, the Plan must include provisions to reduce or manage consumptive and depletive uses of ground and surface waters as necessary to reduce or eliminate deficits in Net Water Availability, or to ensure continued stream flows to downstream Current Deficit Areas from Existing Constrained Areas, to the maximum extent practicable within each HUC14 subwatershed.

  • CTS transactions are ordinarily evaluated on a 15-minute basis consistent with forecasted real-time prices from NYISO’s Real-Time Commitment run and the forecasted price information from PJM’s Intermediate Term Security Constrained Economic Dispatch solution.

  • The Locality Exchange Factor is the ratio of the shift factor on the applicable NYCA interface of a transfer from the Import Constrained Locality to the respective neighboring Control Area, to the shift factor of a transfer from Rest of State to the Import Constrained Locality, calculated in accordance with ISO Procedures.

  • The responsibilities of the Market Monitoring Unit that are addressed in this section of the Mitigation Measures are also addressed in Section of Attachment O. The ISO shall implement automated procedures within the SCUC for Constrained Areas, and within RTC for Constrained Areas.

  • For a Generator or a Market Party in a Constrained Area for intervals in which an interface or facility into the area in which the Generator or generation is located has a Shadow Price greater than $0.04/MWh, indicating an active constraint, withholding that exceeds (i) 10 percent of a Generator’s capability, or (ii) 50 MW of a Generator’s capability, or (iii) 5 percent of the total capability of a Market Party and its Affiliates, or (iv) 100 MW of the total capability of a Market Party and its Affiliates.

  • To facilitate the application of the Real-Time mitigation measures specified in this Attachment H for Constrained Areas, all Generators located in a Constrained Area that are capable of doing so shall respond to RTD Base Point Signals, unless such a Generator is subject to contractual obligations in existence prior to June 1, 2002 that would preclude such operation.

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