Consist definition

Consist. ’ means the group of rail cars that make up the train.
Consist means ‘stay the same’ in social sciences and ‘composed of’ in the sciences.
Consist means the total complement of cars and engines at any given moment, it is my view that the phrase "consist make-up" as it appears in Letter of Understanding No. 53 is used to ensure the integrity of the "ore" or "through freight" nature of the operation and does not require the operation of unnecessary power or inhibit its being set off en route. It does not require an unalterable power consist.

Examples of Consist in a sentence

  • Consist of any equipment and/or other personal property with an initial cost or value of five thousand dollars ($5,000) or more and the anticipated or useful life of said equipment or property is two (2) or more years, the same shall be capitalized and recorded as non- expendable equipment and/or property and charged as a capital expense.

  • Consist of the amount of people needed to fulfill the scope and vision for this committee.

  • Consist of the amount of people needed to accomplish the scope and vision for this committee.

  • Consist of any equipment and/or personal property with an initial cost or value of less than five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) or its useful life is less than two (2) years regardless of cost, the same shall be treated and recorded as materials or inventory and charged to maintenance, administration, or tenant service expense.

  • Consist of one (1) member from each team, one vocational elder, one lay elder and three (3) affirmed, at-large members of the congregation.

  • Consist of fees billed for professional services rendered for the audits of our financial statements, reviews of our interim financial statements included in quarterly reports, services performed in connection with filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and other services that are normally provided by BDO Dunwoody LLP for the fiscal years ended September 30, 2011 and 2010, in connection with statutory and regulatory filings or engagements.

  • Committed: Consist of amounts that can only be used for specific purposes pursuant to constraints imposed by formal action of the government's highest level of decision-making authority.

  • Consist of: The Chair of the Christian Education Team, a vocational elder, a lay elder, and one affirmed member from the Church, who, if possible, is involved in higher education.

  • Assigned: Consist of amounts that are constrained by the government's intent to be used for specific purposes, but are neither restricted nor committed.

Related to Consist

  • Finance Committee means the Finance Committee of the University;

  • Members means the companies, organisations, persons and entities who are, during the term of the Agreement, members of SAMRO (including the members of the Affiliated Societies), and who have licensed, assigned and/or mandated the licensing of the Performance of Works of Music owned and/or controlled by them to SAMRO and/or the Affiliated Societies, as the case may be.

  • Managers means a Person who is named or designated as a manager or managing member or otherwise acts in the capacity of a manager or managing member of a limited liability company in a limited liability company agreement or similar instrument under which the limited liability company is formed or operated.

  • Director-General means the Director-General of the Department;

  • Audit Committee means the audit committee of the board of directors of the Company established pursuant to the Articles, or any successor committee.

  • Governance Committee means the Governance Committee of the Board.

  • Sub-Committee means, unless the context otherwise requires, a sub-Committee appointed by the Council, a Committee or an Officer acting under delegated powers and shall include a working party or panel.

  • Advisory Committee means the Employer's Advisory Committee as from time to time constituted.

  • corporate person means a company as defined in clause (20) of section 2 of the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013), a limited liability partnership, as defined in clause (n) of sub-section (1) of section 2 of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 (6 of 2009), or any other person incorporated with limited liability under any law for the time being in force but shall not include any financial service provider;

  • Review Committee or “Committee” means a committee established pursuant to rule Chapter 67-60, F.A.C.

  • Operating Committee means the Operating Committee of Epoch which meets frequently and is responsible for implementing the Company’s strategy, making operational decisions and overseeing the day-to-day running of the Company.

  • Executive Committee means the executive committee of the Association as referred to in clause 14.1.1.