Complete Service definition

Complete Service means the performance of a Licensed Service by Exact from sample receipt through reported results, including all steps and activities necessary to perform each assay, such as sample preparation, isolation of nucleic acid sequences and bisulfate treatment, etc.

Examples of Complete Service in a sentence

  • These are: Service Option 1, Complete Service, and Service Option 2, Pulse Service.

  • The Contractor will then be taken automatically to the Complete Service Contract Report page.

  • Under this service option, Complete Service, the Company will provide equipment at the Customer’s facility that will allow for periodic readings of the Customer’s load through telephone lines.

  • In addition to those identified in Chapter 2, the roles and responsibilities of the Certifying Officer are as follows: a) Mandatory: Complete mandatory DAU initial and refresher training in accordance with DoD policy.30b) Mandatory: Complete Service- and Agency-specific training in accord- ance with DoD Component requirements.c) Mandatory: Complete Certifying Officer training in accordancewith DoD FMR Volume 5, Chapter 5, paragraph 050302.

  • The awarded bidder on each item must provide two (2) copies of: Parts Manuals, Complete Service Manuals, Maintenance and Electrical Manuals, and Operator and Safety Manuals.

  • Service Option 1 – Complete ServiceUnder this service option, Complete Service, the Company will provide equipment at the Customer’s facility that will allow for periodic readings of the Customer’s load through telephone lines.

  • Acceptance and authorization The terms and conditions of the Business 360 Complete Service Agreement apply in full to the services and products provided under this Service Agreement.

  • As with the Complete Service Contract, it is payable in fixed monthly instalments and covers all workshop jobs (including wear parts) from the schedulingof appointments to the verification of invoices.

  • A release was executed and West agreed to assign any rights she had against Integrity to West American.

  • DESIGNING THE PROJECT/MAKING ARRANGEMENTS • Determine learning outcomes for project, both disciplinary and campus service learning outcomes • Match intended outcomes with assignments and activities • Discuss project and outcomes with community partner • Complete Service Learning Memorandum of Agreement, which specifies responsibilities/division of labor between partner and course instructor (or complete contract required by Department or Program and send copy to the Service Learning Program office).

Related to Complete Service

  • 911 Service means a universal telephone number which gives the public direct access to the Public Safety Answering Point (“PSAP”). Basic 911 service collects 911 calls from one or more local exchange switches that serve a geographic area. The calls are then sent to the correct authority designated to receive such calls.

  • Company Service means the Company's email, Internet, security management services provided to End Users for the purposes of conducting Company's internal business.

  • broadcasting service means any service which consists of the broadcasting of television or sound broadcasting programs to the public, sections of the public or subscribers to such a service;

  • Generation Service means the sale of electricity, including ancillary services such as the provision of reserves, to a Customer by a Competitive Supplier.

  • Network Integration Transmission Service means the transmission service provided under Tariff, Part III.

  • Fire Service means any deployment of firefighting personnel and/or equipment to extinguish a fire or perform any preventative measure in an effort to protect equipment, life, or property in an area threatened by fire. It also includes the deployment of firefighting personnel and/or equipment to provide fire suppression, rescue, extrication, and any other services related to fire and rescue as may occasionally occur.

  • pensionable service means service which may be taken into account in computing pension under these Regulations;

  • Respite services means services provided to individuals who are unable to care for themselves, furnished on a short-term basis because of the absence or need for relief of those unpaid persons normally providing the care.

  • 800 service means a telecommunications service that:

  • Software as a Service or “SaaS” means a licensing delivery model wherein software or other hosted services are licensed on a subscription basis, centrally hosted, and remotely accessed by users.

  • Electric generation service means the provision of retail

  • air service means any scheduled air service performed by aircraft for the public transport of passengers, mail or cargo.

  • Service Center means a place of business of a credit union, other than the principal place of business or a branch, where the credit union may transact business authorized by the credit union board.

  • Toll Free Service means service provided with any dialing sequence that invokes Toll Free, i.e., 800-like, service processing. Toll Free Service currently includes calls to the Toll Free Service 800/888/877/866 NPA SAC codes.

  • Wholesale Service means Telecommunication Services that Sprint provides at retail to subscribers who are not telecommunications carriers as set forth in 47 USC § 251(c)(4) which Sprint provides to resellers at a wholesale rate.

  • Vocational rehabilitation services means professional services reasonably necessary during or after, or both during and after, medical treatment to enable a disabled injured employee to return to gainful employment as soon as practical. "Vocational rehabilitation services" includes vocational evaluation, retraining and job placement.

  • Child welfare services means public social

  • essential service means furnishing water, light, heat, gas, electric power, public passenger transportation or commu- nication, or any one or more of them, to the public in this state.

  • Mobile Service means a radio communication service carried on between mobile stations or receivers and land stations, and by Mobile Stations communicating among themselves, and includes (a) both one-way and two-way radio communication services, (b) a mobile service which provides a regularly interacting group of base, mobile, portable, and associated control and relay stations (whether licensed on an individual, cooperative, or multiple basis) for private one-way or two-way land mobile radio communications by eligible users over designated areas of operation, and (c) any service for which a license is required in a personal communications service established pursuant to the FCC proceeding entitled ''Amendment to the Commission's Rules to Establish New Personal Communications Services'' (GEN Docket No. 90-314; ET Docket No. 92-100), or any successor proceeding.

  • CMU Service means the Central Moneymarkets Unit Service, operated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority;

  • Cloud Service means any distinct, subscription-based, hosted, supported and operated on-demand solution provided by SAP under an Order Form.

  • financial service means a service of a financial nature, including insurance, and a service incidental or auxiliary to a service of a financial nature;

  • Interactive computer service means any information service, system, or ac- cess software provider that provides or enables computer access by multiple users to a computer server, including specifically a service or system that provides access to the Internet and such systems operated or services of- fered by libraries or educational insti- tutions.

  • alerting service means a service provided to notify appropriate organisations regarding aircraft in need of search and rescue aid, and assist such organisations as required;

  • Rehabilitation services means face-to-face individual or group services provided by qualified staff to develop skill necessary to perform activities of daily living and successful integration into community life.

  • related service means any service or benefit provided or made available by an insurer or any associate of that insurer, together with or in connection with any policy or policy benefit, and includes a loyalty benefit and a no-claim bonus;