commercial goods definition

commercial goods means goods which are used mainly for the generation of income or the making of profits;
commercial goods means goods contemplated in rule 15.01 or any vehicle of which the particulars are not required to be declared on [form
commercial goods means goods imported into Canada for sale or for any commercial, industrial, occupational, institutional or other like use; (marchandises commerciales)

Examples of commercial goods in a sentence

  • The Parties expressly exclude the application of the 1980 Vienna Convention on the Interna- tional Sale of Commercial Goods.

  • Delivery of Commercial Goods shall take place in line with the arrangements between the Parties set out in the Sales Agreement, in a manner stipulated therein.

  • The Buyer shall be required to immediately examine the delivered Commercial Goods for any physical defects, including quantity and quality defects, as well as the documents provided by the Seller, but not later than within 72 hours from the moment of releasing the goods to the Buyer or supplying the goods to the place of collection agreed upon by the Parties.

  • The Buyer may seek compensation for the resulting damage up to a maximum of the amount of the actual loss sustained (damnum emergens), but not more than up to net price for the ordered Commercial Goods agreed upon by the Parties.

  • In the event it is determined that the Work is not a Commercial Item as defined at FAR 2.101, then Seller agrees that i3 DOC 3 General Provisions for Purchase Orders for Time and Material Non- Commercial Goods and Services Under United States Government Prime Contracts, and the corresponding FAR and agency flow downs shall be applicable to this Contract, in lieu of these terms and conditions, effective as of the date of this Contract.

More Definitions of commercial goods

commercial goods means goods in the accompanied or unaccompanied baggage of a traveller that are imported into or exported from the Republic for trade or other business purposes, and –
commercial goods means hardware, terminals, badges, accessories etc;
commercial goods means goods exported from Canada for sale or for any industrial, occupational, commercial, institutional or other like use; (marchandises commerciales)
commercial goods means goods imported or exported for sale or for any industrial, occupational commercial, institutional or use for some other commercial purposes.
commercial goods means goods, which are, by their nature or quantity, being conveyed for commercial and/or industrial reasons; and
commercial goods refer to Kyoto
commercial goods means goods for sale for any commercial, industrial, occupational, institutional or other similar use that are imported into Canada or exported from Canada; (marchandises commerciales)