Cited definition

Cited means an accident in which the driver was given a traffic citation for a violation of a law or regulation in connection with an accident.
Cited means quoted as an individual word in a word-list or a dictionary.

Examples of Cited in a sentence

  • Cited for violation of RSA 179:5, I - served or sold alcoholic beverage to a minor during a compliance check.

  • A description of any other activities and objectives as established by the SSC (described in the Strategies/Activities).Authority Cited: S Title 34 of the Code of Federal Regulations (34 CFR), sections 200.25-26, and 200.29, and sections-1114(b)(7)(A)(i)-(iii) and 1118(b) of the ESEA.

  • Identify resource inequities, which may include a review of LEA- and school-level budgeting, to be addressed through implementation of the CSI plan (Goal, Identified Need, Expected Annual Measurable Outcomes, Planned Strategies/Activities; and Annual Review and Update, as applicable).Authority Cited: Sections 1003(e)(1)(A), 1003(i), 1111(c)(4)(B), and 1111(d)(1) of the ESSA.

  • Cited for violation of RSA 126-K:4 - sold tobacco to an underage person during a compliance check.

  • Cited for violation of RSA 178:15, II – failed to file Forms 258/334 by the 10th of the following month.

  • Cited for violation of RSA 126-K:4, I – sold tobacco products to an underage person during a compliance check.

  • Bibliography: References Cited has specific references called out in text to document sources of specific information, and a bibliography is a list of sources used to compile a document but does not have callouts for specific facts in the text.

  • All other elements of a "full proposal" are waived (i.e., Project Summary, References Cited, Budget and Budget Justification, Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources).

  • Important Proposal Preparation Information: FastLane will check for required sections of the full proposal, in accordance with Grant Proposal Guide (GPG) instructions described in Chapter II.C.2. The GPG requires submission of: Project Summary; Project Description; References Cited; Biographical Sketch(es); Budget; Budget Justification; Current and Pending Support; Facilities, Equipment & Other Resources; Data Management Plan; and Postdoctoral Mentoring Plan, if applicable.

  • Cited from David Miller, ‘Are Human Rights Conditional?’ (Kobe Lecture, Doshisha University, 9 July 2011).

Related to Cited

  • Assessment of Compliance As defined in Section 3.21.

  • Compliance Statement is that certain statement in the form attached hereto as Exhibit B.

  • Housing assistance means appropriate referrals by the

  • Compliance Review means an inspection of the home, grounds, and files to determine compliance with these regulations.

  • Statement of Compliance means the statement forming part of a Tender indicating the Bidders compliance with the Specification.

  • Compliance Audit means the procedure (in a form advised by the GLA from time to time) by which an auditor independent of the Grant Recipient certifies (at the Grant Recipient's cost) whether the Named Projects developed or Rehabilitated pursuant to this Agreement satisfy the GLA's procedural compliance requirements (as described in the Affordable Housing Capital Funding Guide);

  • Safety compliance facility means a licensee that is a commercial entity that receives marihuana from a marihuana facility or registered primary caregiver, tests it for contaminants and for tetrahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids, returns the test results, and may return the marihuana to the marihuana facility.

  • Document of Compliance has the meaning given to it in the ISM Code.

  • LEGAL COMPLIANCE This Agreement and any transaction with, or payment to, you pursuant to the terms hereof is conditioned on your representation to us that, as of the date of this Agreement you are, and at all times during its effectiveness you will be, a bank as defined in Section 3(a)(6) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (or other financial institution) and not otherwise required to register as a broker or dealer under such Act. You agree to notify us promptly in writing if this representation ceases to be true. You also agree that, regardless of whether you are a member of the NASD, you will comply with the rules of the NASD, including, in particular, Sections 2310, IM 2310-2, and 2830 of the NASD Conduct Rules, and that you will maintain adequate records with respect to your customers and their transactions, and that such transactions will be without recourse against you by your customers. We recognize that, in addition to applicable provisions of state and federal securities laws, you may be subject to the provisions of the Xxxxx-Xxxxxxxx Act and other laws governing, among other things, the conduct of activities by federal and state chartered and supervised financial institutions and their affiliated organizations. As such, you may be restricted in the activities that you may undertake and for which you may be paid, and, therefore, we recognize that you will not perform activities that are inconsistent with your statutory and regulatory obligations. Because you will be the only one having a direct relationship with the customer, you will be responsible in that relationship for insuring compliance with all laws and regulations, including those of all applicable federal and state regulatory authorities and bodies having jurisdiction over you or your customers to the extent applicable to securities purchases hereunder.

  • Behavioral violation means a student’s behavior that violates the district’s discipline policies.

  • Notice of compliance means a statement confirming that a governmental entity

  • Examination Criteria means the loan classification criteria employed by, or any applicable regulations of, the Assuming Institution’s Chartering Authority at the time such action is taken, as such criteria may be amended from time to time.

  • Screening Test means a drug or alcohol test which uses a method of analysis allowed by the Minnesota Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace Act to be used for such purposes.

  • Test means such test as is prescribed by the particulars or considered necessary by the Inspecting Officer whether performed or made by the Inspecting Officer or any agency acting under the direction of the Inspecting Officer;

  • Non-Compliance means failure/refusal to comply the terms and conditions of the tender;

  • Repeat compliance period means any subsequent compliance period after the initial compliance period.

  • Compliance Report means, as applicable in relation to the test being conducted, a report containing the results of the Compliance Tests carried out by State Street.

  • COVID-19 test means a viral test for SARS-CoV-2 that is:

  • Nursing assistant means a nursing assistant as defined under RCW 18.88A.020 or successor laws.

  • Criminal history means the list of a defendant's prior

  • Initial Environmental Examination or “IEE” means the initial environmental examination for the Project, including any update thereto, prepared and submitted by the Borrower and cleared by ADB;

  • Compliance schedule means a schedule of events, by date, which will result in compliance with these regulations.

  • Qualifying Examination means examinations on the basis of which a candidate becomes eligible for admission or its equivalent examination;

  • Labor compliance agreement means an agreement entered into between a contractor or subcontractor and an enforcement agency to address appropriate remedial measures, compliance assistance, steps to resolve issues to increase compliance with the labor laws, or other related matters.

  • Point of compliance means the location(s) at the source(s) of contamination or at the location(s) between the source(s) and the point(s) of exposure where concentrations of chemicals of concern must meet applicable risk-based screening levels at Tier 1 or other target level(s) at Tier 2 or Tier 3.

  • Compliance Plan means the compliance obligations, program, and procedures described in this Consent Decree at paragraph 13.