Circumstance definition

Circumstance means an incident, fact, occurrence, matter, act or omission that may give rise to a Claim in the context of civil liability;
Circumstance means any fact, event or situation that could reasonably be the basis for a Claim.
Circumstance means information discovered by the Assured which suggests that a Claim by an identified claimant is more likely than not to be made against the Assured. Such information does not constitute a circumstance merely because the Assured has sold or advised in relation to a product or class of investment that is the subject of adverse press comment or regulatory investigation.

Examples of Circumstance in a sentence

  • The Financial Aid office will at NCMC can help guide you through completing a Special Circumstance form and the required documentation needed with the form.Please Note: The result of the Special Circumstance is based on the individual school’s Financial Aid office.

  • In the Special Circumstance column, select the applicable circumstance.

  • Topical object marking is present in Moksha and Komi and while in Moksha it distinguishes the given marked clauses from the new, in Komi it apparently does not depend on the discourse-pragmatic type of the forms.4.4. Pragmatic type of the marked predicate Another parameter comes from comparing the functions of Simultaneity and Attendant Circumstance in König (1995: 70).

  • The breakdown is as follows:Animal Problem – 3 Assault – 4Citizen Dispute – 4 Larceny – 3Motor Vehicle Disturbance – 3 Fraud – 2Disorderly Conduct – 1 DLS – 1Domestic related – 17 Drug Possession – 2 DUI – 4Noise Disturbance – 3 Sex Offense – 1Suspicious Person or Circumstance – 22 Traffic Accident – 3All other - 259Town Clerk 1.

More Definitions of Circumstance

Circumstance means any of the circumstances set out within this clause.
Circumstance means any facts, matters or circumstances which give rise to a Claim or have the potential to give rise to a Claim.
Circumstance means any complaint, criticism, problem, act, error, omission or event happening on or after the Retroactive Date but prior to the end of the Policy Period, which appears likely to the Insured to result in a Claim.
Circumstance means information or facts or matters of which the INSURED is aware which is likely to give rise to a claim against the INSURED which the INSURED could become legally liable to pay and which arises out of the exercise and conduct of the BUSINESS.
Circumstance means an incident, occurrence, fact, matter, act, or omission which, regardless of section 4. Excess of this policy, is reasonably likely to give rise to a Claim (or any other entitlement to indemnity under the policy), including any:
Circumstance means a specific situation the details of which should be provided to Underwriters where there is:
Circumstance means any event, change, occurrence, condition, development, state of facts or circumstance.