Circumstance Sample Clauses

Circumstance. (i) Executive's death.
Circumstance. A statement of any Lender claiming compensation under this subsection and setting forth in reasonable detail the additional amount or amounts to be paid to it hereunder shall be conclusive in the absence of manifest error. Each Lender agrees to endeavor promptly to notify Borrower of any event of which it has actual knowledge, occurring after the Closing Date, which will entitle such Lender to compensation pursuant to this Section, and agrees to designate a different LIBOR Office if such designation will avoid the need for or reduce the amount of such compensation and will not, in the good faith judgment of such Lender, otherwise be materially disadvantageous to such Lender. If any Lender claims compensation under this Section, Borrower may at any time, upon at least four Market Days’ prior notice to the Administrative Agent and such Lender and upon payment in full of the amounts provided for in this Section through the date of such payment plus any prepayment fee required by Section 3.8(d), pay in full the affected LIBOR Advances of such Lender or request that such LIBOR Advances be converted to Base Rate Advances.
Circumstance. Circumstance has the meaning specified in Section 6.2 hereof.
Circumstance. As defined in Section 8.4(a).

Related to Circumstance

No Change in Facts or Circumstances All information in the Loan Application and in all financial statements, rent rolls, reports, certificates, and other documents submitted in connection with the Loan Application are complete and accurate in all material respects. There has been no material adverse change in any fact or circumstance that would make any such information incomplete or inaccurate.
Special Circumstances a) An employee is entitled to up to six (6) additional consecutive weeks of unpaid leave if, for reasons related to the birth or the termination of the pregnancy, she is unable to return to work when her leave ends under (A) above. A request for special circumstances leave pursuant to Article 38.01(C) (a) must, if required by the Employer, be accompanied by a medical practitioner’s certificate stating the expected or actual birth date or the date the pregnancy terminated or stating the reasons for requesting additional leave under this subsection.
Adverse Circumstances No condition, circumstance, event, agreement, document, instrument, restriction, litigation or proceeding (or, to Grantor's knowledge, threatened litigation or proceeding or basis therefor) exists which (a) would have a Material Adverse Effect upon Grantor, or (b) would constitute an Event of Default or an Unmatured Event of Default.
Change of Circumstances The Company will, at any time during the pendency of a Placement Notice advise the Agent promptly after it shall have received notice or obtained knowledge thereof, of any information or fact that would alter or affect in any material respect any opinion, certificate, letter or other document required to be provided to the Agent pursuant to this Agreement.
Unforeseen Circumstances It means circumstances outside THE CARRIER’s normal operations which prevent operation of a flight or delay its departure or arrival, such as weather conditions, technical failures outside the scheduled or routine maintenance of the aircraft, issues and circumstances related to Passengers or third parties, malfunctioning of ground support equipment, political circumstances, strikes, riots, wars, curfews, and airport closures, among other things.
Changed Circumstances (a) Circumstances Affecting LIBOR Rate and BA Loan Availability. If with respect to any Interest Period the Administrative Agent or any Lender (after consultation with the Administrative Agent) shall determine that, by reason of circumstances affecting the foreign exchange and interbank markets generally, deposits in eurodollars, Dollars or Canadian Dollars in the applicable amounts are not being quoted via Reuters Page LIBOR01 (or any successor page) or offered to the Administrative Agent or such Lender for such Interest Period then the Administrative Agent shall forthwith give notice thereof to the Borrower. Thereafter, until the Administrative Agent notifies the Borrower that such circumstances no longer exist, the obligation of the Lenders to make such LIBOR Rate Loans or BA Loans, as applicable, and the right of the Borrower to convert any Loan to or continue any Loan as a LIBOR Rate Loan or a BA Loan, as applicable, shall be suspended, and the Borrower shall repay in full (or cause to be repaid in full) the then outstanding principal amount of each such LIBOR Rate Loan or each such BA Loan, as applicable, together with accrued interest thereon, on the last day of the then current Interest Period applicable to such LIBOR Rate Loan or such BA Loan, as applicable, or convert the then outstanding principal amount of each such LIBOR Rate Loan or BA Loan, as applicable, to a Base Rate Loan (with respect to any such Loan denominated in Dollars) or a Canadian Prime Rate Loan (with respect to any such Loan denominated in Canadian Dollars) as of the last day of such Interest Period.
No Change in Facts or Circumstances; Disclosure All information submitted by Borrower to Lender and in all financial statements, rent rolls, reports, certificates and other documents submitted in connection with the Loan or in satisfaction of the terms thereof and all statements of fact made by Borrower in this Agreement or in any other Loan Document, are accurate, complete and correct in all material respects, provided, however, that if such information was provided to Borrower by non-affiliated third parties, Borrower represents that such information is, to the best of its knowledge after due inquiry, accurate, complete and correct in all material respects. There has been no material adverse change in any condition, fact, circumstance or event that would make any such information inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise misleading in any material respect or that otherwise materially and adversely affects or might materially and adversely affect the Property or the business operations or the financial condition of Borrower. Borrower has disclosed to Lender all material facts and has not failed to disclose any material fact that could cause any representation or warranty made herein to be materially misleading.
No Undisclosed Events or Circumstances Since the Latest Financial Date, no event or circumstance has occurred or exists with respect to the Company or its businesses, properties, operations or financial condition, that, under applicable law, rule or regulation, requires public disclosure or announcement prior to the date hereof by the Company but which has not been so publicly announced or disclosed in the Reports.
Weeks - Special Circumstances If the adopted child will be or is at least six (6) months of age at the time the child comes into the actual care and custody of the adoptive parent and a medical practitioner or agency that placed the child certifies that an additional period of parental care is required because the child suffers from a physical, psychological or emotional condition, the adoptive parent may apply for additional parental leave without pay. Five (5) weeks additional leave may be taken up to a maximum combined parental leave and parental leave (special circumstances) forty-two (42) weeks.
Circumstances During the Term, the Executive’s employment hereunder may be terminated by the Company or the Executive, as applicable, without any breach of this Agreement only under the following circumstances: