Child support case definition

Child support case means one in which the Department of Social Services or any bureau, division, or agency of the department, or agency under cooperative or purchase of service agreement therewith, is providing child support enforcement services under Title IV-D of the federal Social Security Act;
Child support case means the part of any civil or criminal action or proceeding, whether intrastate or interstate, that involves a claim for the establishment or enforcement of a child support obligation.

Examples of Child support case in a sentence

  • El Paso Case Eligibility for Random Assignment Child support case status at random assignmentSource: RMC analysis of Texas OAG and HHSC administrative records and El Paso County DRO data.

  • Child support case number and depository number: Child support case number: CSP Case Number Depository number: Depository Number 3.

  • The parties have submitted that in-flight catering services to airlines from this airport can also be provided from facilities at either Edinburgh or Newcastle airports.

  • Child support case documents required by federal and judicial regulations and rules contain SSN information.2. Hawai`i State Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism.

  • Child support case managers should always take the initiative in resolving customers’ complaints.

  • Child support case workers should review a case for modification upon learning that an individual is incarcerated.

  • Every UTILITY POLE POSTER SIGN shall comply with Subsection 3.1 and shall be permitted in all ZONES.

  • Child support case records and other confidential information may be disclosed or released in connection with programs operated under Titles II, IV-A, IV-B, IV-C, IV-D, X, XIV, XVI, XVI (SSI), XIX, or XX of the Social Security Act and the TANF/JOBS program.

  • Child support case information and KIDS data shall be used only to the extent necessary to administer child support cases and the child support enforcement program, and shall not be used for any other purposes, and may not be re-released to any other organization or agency other than for the purposes necessary to administer the child support program in accordance with state policy and Wis.

  • Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 1:29 PM Subject: Child support case number XXXXXXX My child support case in the XXXXXXX, Virginia office is still pending.

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  • Child support means that part of a Child Restraint System by which the child can be raised within the Child Restraint System.

  • Child support order means a support order for a child, including a child who has attained the age of majority under the law of the issuing state or foreign country.

  • Child support services means any civil, criminal or administrative action taken by the Division of

  • Medical Child Support Order means any judgment, decree or order (including approval of a domestic relations settlement agreement) issued by a court of competent jurisdiction that:

  • Level 1 Support means qualifying and logging all Technical Support Incidents, answering technical inquiries via telephone support and email regarding the Work and performing limited diagnostic services.

  • Qualified Medical Child Support Order means a Medical Child Support Order which creates (including assignment of rights) or recognizes an Alternate Recipient's right to receive benefits to which a Participant or Qualified Beneficiary is eligible under this Plan, and has been determined by the Plan Administrator to meet the qualification requirements as outlined under “Procedures” of this provision.

  • Child support agency means the public agency responsible for child support

  • Customer Support means the services by which 21Vianet may provide assistance to Customer to resolve issues with the Services.

  • Airport Ground Support Equipment means vehicles and equipment used at an airport to service aircraft between flights.

  • Level 2 Support means, with the use of technical support specialists: (i) performing Defect isolation, Defect replication and interoperability testing; (ii) performing remote diagnostic services and on-site troubleshooting, if required; (iii) identifying the source of Defects; (iv) developing a reproducible test case for any Defect and documenting the details of such Defect for escalation to Level 3 Support; and (v) developing and implementing Workarounds where reasonably possible.

  • First Level Support means any support relating to calls from Customer’s customers, end users or affiliates or general resolution of user errors, network errors, provisioning errors or Internet delays or malfunctions.

  • Behavior Support Plan means the individualized proactive support strategies used to support positive behavior.

  • Helpdesk Support means the 24x7x365 centre which shall handle Fault reporting, Trouble Ticketing and related enquiries during this contract.

  • End User Customer means a third party retail Customer that subscribes to a Telecommunications Service provided by either of the Parties or by another Carrier or by two (2) or more Carriers.

  • Cloud BPO Support means the then-current technical support services SAP provides to Provider for the SAP Cloud Services as described in the Cloud BPO Schedule.

  • Launch Vehicle means an object, or any part thereof, intended for launch, launched from Earth, or returning to Earth which carries Payloads or persons, or both.

  • Adult foster care facility means an adult foster care facility licensed under the adult foster care facility licensing act, 1979 PA 218, MCL 400.701 to 400.737.

  • the Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme means the scheme of that name administered by the Common Services Agency (constituted under section 10 of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978(b));

  • Transaction Category means the particular type of repurchase transaction effected hereunder, as determined with reference to the term of the transaction and the categories of Securities that constitute Eligible Securities therefor, which term shall include FICASH I Transactions, FICASH II Transactions, FICASH III Transactions, FITERM I Transactions, FITERM II Transactions, FITERM III Transactions, and such other transaction categories as may from time to time be designated by the Funds by notice to Seller, Custodian and Repo Custodian.

  • Carrier Access Billing System (“CABS”) is the system which is defined in a document prepared under the direction of the Billing Committee of the OBF. The CABS document is published by Telcordia in Volumes 1, 1A, 2, 3, 3A, 4 and 5 as Special Reports SR-OPT-001868, SR-OPT-0011869, SR-OPT-001871, SR-OPT- 001872, SR-OPT-001873, SR-OPT-001874, and SR-OPT-001875, respectively, and contains the recommended guidelines for the billing of access and other connectivity services. Sprint’s carrier access billing system is its Carrier Access Support System (CASS). CASS mirrors the requirements of CABS.

  • Peer support specialist means an individual who has experienced a severe and persistent mental illness and who has successfully completed standardized training to provide peer support services through the medical assistance program or the Iowa Behavioral Health Care Plan.

  • SAP Support means SAP's then current support offering made available to Customer, as stated in the Order Form.

  • Support Call Process means the support call process applicable to all of our customers who have licensed the Tyler Software. A copy of our current Support Call Process is attached as Schedule 1 to Exhibit C.

  • END USER CUSTOMER LOCATION means the physical location of the premises where an End User makes use of the telecommunications services.

  • Support Request means a request for assistance received by Blackboard's Service Desk and/or Service Desk Infrastructure from an Authorized User, such as any answered phone call, answered email, or answered chat.

  • Child care facility or “facility” means a child care center, a preschool, or a registered child development home.