Chief Traffic Officer definition

Chief Traffic Officer means the Chief Traffic Officer of the Municipality to whom any function, or duty has been delegated, and includes any other officer under his or her control. Official appointed by Council in terms of National Road Traffic Act, Section
Chief Traffic Officer means the head of the council’s Traffic Department, any person authorised by the Council to act on his behalf, any person acting in his stead and any person designated by the Council to enforce these by-laws;
Chief Traffic Officer means the person appointed by the Council to take charge of the Traffic Department or his deputy or authorised assistant;

Examples of Chief Traffic Officer in a sentence

  • Only registered traffic officers / relevant law enforcement background are eligible for appointment either as a Chief Traffic Officer, Head of Traffic, Deputy Chief Traffic Officer, Deputy Head subject to the minimum requirements.

  • In emergencies or at recreational and other similar functions, the City may set aside temporary taxi facilities identified by the Chief Traffic Officer as suitable for the parking and stopping of taxis 39.

  • State actors also “look the other way,” allowing corporations and development projects to take advantage of communities and violate human rights for the sake of resources and money.

  • With only 6 traffic officers, 1 Superintendent and 1 Chief Traffic Officer, this unit is striving to render professional and maintain traffic services as well as bring as much revenue to the municipality as possible.

  • In July 1998 Umtata’s City Chief Traffic Officer, André Rossouw, declared publicly:„I stand by what I have said before that nothing will ever scare me from what I think is right in my job.

  • The directions of the Chief Traffic Officer must be strictly adhered to.

  • An employee appointed as Chief Traffic Officer is alleged to have committed gross dishonesty, negligence, misrepresentation and prejudice whilst performing his duties.

  • The ranking structure with the Law Enforcement Top Management Chief Traffic Officer: The position is currently vacant and Assistant Supt.

  • This far the institutional arrangements has a Chief Traffic Officer and two traffic officers who also serve as Examiners appointed with the organogram making a provision of a manager public safety, traffic wardens etc.

  • COMMITTEEOFFICIALSTERMS OF REFERENCE MC Mosiane(Chairperson) JM Adriaanse XG Chaka VC Clarke ML Makoe CL Moeletsi LD Mokoena KL Montsho Representative at the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality Director Community Safety Public Safety Engineer Chief Traffic Officer Transport ManagerDirector Town Planning, Human Settlement and Land Use Management Director Technical Services Other stakeholders may be brought on board as the process unfolds.

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