Chief Traffic Officer definition

Chief Traffic Officer means the Chief Traffic Officer of the Municipality to whom any function, or duty has been delegated, and includes any other officer under his or her control. Official appointed by Council in terms of National Road Traffic Act, Section
Chief Traffic Officer means the head of the council’s Traffic Department, any person authorised by the Council to act on his behalf, any person acting in his stead and any person designated by the Council to enforce these by-laws;
Chief Traffic Officer means the person appointed by the Council to take charge of the Traffic Department or his deputy or authorised assistant;

Examples of Chief Traffic Officer in a sentence

  • Only registered traffic officers / relevant law enforcement background are eligible for appointment either as a Chief Traffic Officer, Head of Traffic, Deputy Chief Traffic Officer, Deputy Head subject to the minimum requirements.

  • Increasing architects' understanding of the relevance of environmental design, current and modern trends, and natural simulation.

  • In emergencies or at recreational and other similar functions, the City may set aside temporary taxi facilities identified by the Chief Traffic Officer as suitable for the parking and stopping of taxis 39.

  • A Chief Traffic Officer can extend the intermediate licence period by up to six months for traffic violations and can also provide exemptions for restrictions in cases of undue hardship (Baughan & Simpson, 2002).

  • A vehicle operated by a licensed driver suffering from a permanent physical disability and to whom a token has been issued by the Chief Traffic Officer in terms of by-law 42(1).

  • Målet med revenue management är alltså att uppnå maximal vinst genom att sälja till den mest lönsamma kundmixen57.

  • Basic Earnings per share are calculated by dividing the net profit or loss for the period attributable to the equity shareholders by the weighted average number of equity shares outstanding during the period.

  • State actors also “look the other way,” allowing corporations and development projects to take advantage of communities and violate human rights for the sake of resources and money.

  • The Chief Traffic Officer may approve a disc for display onto the motor vehicle and the disc needs to be displayed in a manner contemplated in the Road Traffic Act no 93 of 1996.

  • As your Council reviews the budget document, please keep in mind that any increases in expenditures should be done concurrently with corresponding expenditure reductions, and/or revenue increases.

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  • Chief Academic Officer means the Administrative Officer at the College who has overall management responsibility for academic programs and services, or his/her designee.

  • Traffic officer means any person employed by a city, county, or city and county to monitor and enforce state laws and local ordinances relating to parking and the operation of vehicles.

  • Chief Operating Officer means the Chief Operating Officer of the Corporation.

  • Chief Administrative Officer or “CAO” means the administrative head of a municipality as appointed by Council under clause 86(2)(c) of the Municipal Government Act.

  • Chief Medical Officer means the chief medical officer under

  • Chief Officer means the Officer appointed by the Integration Joint Board in accordance with section 10 of the Act;

  • Chief Procurement Officer or "CPO" means the chief procurement officer of the City of Chicago or his or her designee.

  • Chief Fiscal Officer means the single office or official of the Recipient designated in Appendix B pursuant to Section VI hereof, or his authorized designee as per written notification to the Director.

  • Chief Pretrial Services Officer (i.e., CPSO) means the individual appointed by the court to supervise the work of the court’s pretrial services staff. For the purpose of the contract, the “Chief Probation Officer” acts as the contract administrator on behalf of the Director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.

  • Chief Probation Officer (i.e., CUSPO) means the individual appointed by the United States District Court to supervise the work of the court’s probation staff. For the purpose of the contract, the “Chief Probation Officer” acts as the contract administrator on behalf of the Director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.

  • Chief Administrative Officer (CAO means the person appointed to the position of chief administrative officer for the Town of Okotoks within the meaning of the Municipal Government Act;

  • President means the President of the Corporation.

  • Chief Investor Relations Officer means such senior officer of the Company appointed by the Board of directors to deal with dissemination of information and disclosure of UPSI in a fair and unbiased manner.

  • Liaison Officer means a local representative of the temporary workforce, duly appointed through the PSC processes, to act on behalf of the workers and through whom all matters pertaining to the temporary workforce can be channelled.

  • Chief information officer or "CIO" means the Chief Information Officer appointed pursuant to

  • Chief Financial Officer means a person designated in terms of section 80(2) (a) of the MFMA;

  • Agency Chief Contracting Officer or “ACCO” shall mean the position delegated authority by the Agency Head to organize and supervise the procurement activity of subordinate Agency staff in conjunction with the City Chief Procurement Officer.

  • public officer means a person holding or acting in any public office;

  • Deputy President means a Deputy President of the Tribunal;

  • Chief means Chief Agri/Industrial, a division of Chief Industries, Inc.

  • City Chief Procurement Officer or “CCPO” shall mean the position delegated authority by the Mayor to coordinate and oversee the procurement activity of Mayoral agency staff, including the ACCOs.

  • Executive Officer means, with respect to any corporation, the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, President, Executive Vice President, any Vice President, the Secretary or the Treasurer of such corporation; and with respect to any partnership, any general partner thereof.

  • Chief Fire Officer means the chief fire officer appointed by the municipality in terms of section 5 of the Fire Brigade Services Act and includes any person appointed as acting chief fire officer;

  • CFO means an individual who acted as chief financial officer of the Company, or acted in a similar capacity, for any part of the most recently completed financial year;

  • Administrative Officer means anyone designated at the college as being on the administrative staff, such as the President, Chief Academic Officer, Chief Student Services Officer, etc.

  • medical officer means a medical practitioner who is—