Cemetery Board definition

Cemetery Board means the board created in s. 15.405 (3m).
Cemetery Board means a board established pursuant to these Bylaws or a related Regulation for the purpose of managing a cemetery adjacent to, or affiliated with, a Parish.
Cemetery Board. – shall mean the Bolingbroke Cemetery Board as established by By-Law No. 2021-037 of the Corporation of Tay Valley Township.

Examples of Cemetery Board in a sentence

  • The Cemetery board requested a chain link fence between the sewer lagoon and the cemetery.

  • The Cemetery board has implemented the following rules in order to maintain a reasonable sense of peace and tranquility within the Cemetery and respect for those that have preceded us in death.

  • EXPLANATION--Matter initalics(underscored) is new; matter in brackets[ ] is old law to be omitted.LBD10913-02-1 1 (a) Cemetery board approval.

  • The new Ella Albers Fountain and statues will be officially dedicated at 2 p.m.Ruthie Kuhlman, execu- tive director of the Old Gray Cemetery board, is invit- ing the public to the ded-created for his wife, EllaS.

  • Superintendent Report Golf & Cemetery board Meeting May 9th 2022Cemetery ⚫ Working on getting irrigation up and running.⚫ Packing and seeding graves.⚫ Serviceman’s Cemetery is putting up a shelter on the north side of Kippes Park.1. The city is not paying for the construction and is not responsible for the maintenance of this structure.2. The intent of this structure is for families after funerals and the general public.

  • A decision by the city can’t be made until the Cemetery board makes their decision.

  • Nothing can be done until Cemetery board meets as to whether or not we can lease their land.

  • Make your reservations today with Amanda or online! Can't wait to see everyone in September!For a limited time, Grandview Cemetery is offering a special 6 month offer to just members of our church!!! Dear Fellow Parishioners, For those of you who are unaware, I have represented our church on the Grandview Cemetery board of directors for the past three years.

  • The drought was an eye opener to some of the possibilities that are available to us, given our vast renewable energy resourse base.

  • City and Town Cemeteries IC 23-14-65-1 "Cemetery board" defined Sec.

More Definitions of Cemetery Board

Cemetery Board means those persons appointed by Council whom volunteer to serve without compensation for their services to oversee the operation, maintenance and development of Cemeteries within the Township of Minden Hills.
Cemetery Board means independent entity responsible for the governance of the Killam Cemetery
Cemetery Board means members of the Board appointed by the Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of North Middlesex for the purpose of overseeing operations of all the publicly managed cemeteries within North Middlesex.
Cemetery Board means the Woodlawn Cemetery Authority Board created pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.
Cemetery Board means the Maple Grove Cemetery Board appointed by Council of the Corporation of the Township of Southgate.
Cemetery Board means the Regional District Board, in its capacity as the Board of Cemetery Trustees pursuant to the Act and to this Bylaw, or its lawful designate;

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