Byelaws definition

Byelaws means those of a class which may be confirmed by the Welsh Ministers (but the provision which may be made includes provision to remove a requirement of confirmation).
Byelaws means the registered byelaws made by a society in the exercise of any power conferred by this Act, and includes a registered amendment of those byelaws;
Byelaws means the Byelaws relating to the NET System made under the Nottingham Express Transit System Order 2009 (SI2009/1300) and confirmed by the Secretary Of State for Transport on 13th January 2014.

Examples of Byelaws in a sentence

  • Bye-laws duly approved by the Assistant Registrar of Co-operative Societies.

  • The contractor/s shall arrange to give all notices required for by the said Acts, Regulations or Bye-laws to be given to any authority, and to pay to such authority or to any public officer all fees that may be properly chargeable in respect of the work and lodge the receipts with the Employer.

  • Subject to these Bye-laws and to the terms of allotment, the Board may from time to time make calls upon the Members in respect of any moneys unpaid on their shares (whether on account of the nominal value of the shares or by way of premium), and each Member shall (subject to being given at least fourteen (14) clear days’ Notice specifying the time and place of payment) pay to the Company as required by such notice the amount called on his shares.

  • The provisions of these Bye-laws relating to the transfer and registration of transfers of shares shall apply to such notice or transfer as aforesaid as if the death or bankruptcy of the Member had not occurred and the notice or transfer were a transfer signed by such Member.

  • Any amount payable in respect of a share upon allotment or at any fixed date, whether in respect of nominal value or premium or as an instalment of a call, shall be deemed to be a call duly made and payable on the date fixed for payment and if it is not paid the provisions of these Bye-laws shall apply as if that amount had become due and payable by virtue of a call duly made and notified.

More Definitions of Byelaws

Byelaws means the Byelaws relating to Midland Metro as enacted under the Midland Metro Act 1989.
Byelaws means rules made by lower local councils under section 39;
Byelaws means, in relation to any entity, the corporate byelaws (including any Contrato Social or Estatuto Social) of that entity.
Byelaws means the byelaws adopted by the Board pursuant to article 23 or any modification of them for the time being in force;
Byelaws means those of a class which may be confirmed by the Welsh Ministers (but the provision which may be
Byelaws means the Byelaws made by the Council in respect of hackney carriage vehicles.