Building coverage definition

Building coverage means the amount of land covered or permitted to be covered by a building or buildings, usually measured in terms of percentage of a parcel.
Building coverage means the percentage of a Lot that is or can be covered by Buildings.
Building coverage means the gross area of a lot or parcel of land occupied by all of the ground floor, or building footprint, of a building or structure which is under roof.

Examples of Building coverage in a sentence

  • Building coverage (square footage of structures divided by square footage of property).

  • If, within a policy, the limits above have different FHCF rating factors, exposure may be reported under one record using the rating factors applicable to the most exposure (e.g., if 70% of the exposure under such a policy is for Building coverage, report the rating factors applicable to the Building coverage).

  • Building coverage may not be purchased in the name of the unit owner.

  • Building coverage shall only apply to buildings at ground, or above ground level.

  • Building coverage is measured as the area of a zoning lot occupied by the primary structure and accessory structures.

More Definitions of Building coverage

Building coverage means the percentage of the lot area covered by the buildings. The building area shall include all overhanging roofs.
Building coverage means the portion of a site which is covered by the fully enclosed portion of all buildings larger than 120 square feet, as well as by open carports. Building coverage is expressed as a percentage. In determining building coverage, the following shall not be counted: eaves and/or cantilevered portions of buildings, decks, open porches, and open stairways and landings.
Building coverage means the portion of the lot area that is covered by buildings. The area of the buildings shall be measured at their exterior perimeter. Buildings include dwellings, accessory structures, garages, and carports.
Building coverage means the area of a site covered by buildings or roofed areas, excluding allowed projecting eaves, balconies, and similar features.
Building coverage means the percentage of total lot area covered by structures, not including pavement, driveways, uncovered decks less than thirty inches (30″) in height, or roof overhangs less than two feet (2′) wide.
Building coverage means the area of a parcel which is covered by a building excluding:
Building coverage means that area of a lot which is occupied by buildings or structures, but not including uncovered walkways, steps, patios, a parking lot or area of