Boxer definition

Boxer means an individual who is licensed to engage in boxing.
Boxer means any athlete registered by an AIBA National Member Federation and a member of AIBA;

Examples of Boxer in a sentence

  • In case the Boxer is not able to come back within the above-mentioned timeframe, such Boxer is deemed to have lost the Bout by RSC.

  • Boxer, Electric Fields at the Active Site of an Enzyme: Direct Comparison of Experiment with Theory, Science, 2006, 313, 200.

  • DeJesus-Hernandez, M., Mackenzie, I.R., Boeve, B.F., Boxer, A.L., Baker, M., Rutherford, N.J., Nicholson, A.M., Finch, N.A., Flynn, H., Adamson, J., et al.

  • If a Boxer, in the Referee’s opinion, is being outclassed or is receiving excessive punishment or hard blows, the Bout is stopped and the opponent is declared the winner of the Bout by RSC.

  • Boxer, Stark Spectroscopy: Applications in Chemistry, Biology, and Materials Science, Annu.

More Definitions of Boxer

Boxer means any athlete registered by an AIBA National Federation;
Boxer means any Boxer who participates in a competition and who is registered by USA Boxing; the term Boxer referring to Boxers of both genders;
Boxer means a contestant in the sport or skill of fighting with the fist.
Boxer means any person who engages as a participant in a boxing match.