Swale definition

Swale means a man-made trench that:
Swale means a broad depression within which stormwater may drain during inclement weather, but which does not have a defined bed or banks.

Examples of Swale in a sentence

  • It is recommended that further work is undertaken to devise appropriate Borough specific targets for a Swale LNRS, using the Kent Biodiversity Strategy as a guide (Kent Nature Partnership 2020).

  • Swale, and particularly the area between Sittingbourne and Faversham, is noted for its long-standing tradition of fruit growing.

  • Using criteria set out above the following three areas have been identified that could form the basis of a Swale LNRS, provide opportunities for delivering onsite and offsite BNG and guide planning policy in Swale where it relates to biodiversity.

  • The majority of the Blean woodland complex is located within the boundaries of Canterbury, with significant sections also found on the eastern edge of Swale.

  • This report summarises the procurement process and its results, and seeks Cabinet approval to appoint the recommended contractor to carry out the necessary refurbishment of the lifts and on-going maintenance at Swale House to ensure their continued use to support the business of the Council.

More Definitions of Swale

Swale means a low-lying stretch of land which gathers or carries surface water runoff.
Swale means a manmade trench which:
Swale means a linear topographic depression, either naturally occurring or of human construction, which meets all of the following criteria:
Swale means a structural measure with a lining of grass, riprap or other materials, which can function as a detention structure and convey stormwater runoff without causing erosion.
Swale means a a manmade trench that: (a) Has a top width to depth ratio of the cross-section equal to or greater than 6:1, or side slopes equal to or greater than 3 feet horizontal to 1-foot vertical; (b) Contains contiguous areas of standing or flowing water only following a rainfall event; (c) Is planted with vegetation suitable for soil stabilization, stormwater treatment, and nutrient uptake; (d) is designed to take into account the soil erodibility, soil percolation, slope, slope length, and drainage area so as to prevent erosion and reduce pollutant concentration of any discharge; and (e) has a channel invert no lower than one (1) foot above the water control elevation.
Swale means a shallow drainage conveyance with relatively gentle side slopes, generally with flow depths less than one foot.