BOT definition

BOT or “internet bot” means an autonomous program (or robot) running on a network (usually, the internet) that can interact with computer systems or users. Typically, Bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone. According to Imperva, more than half of all web traffic is fraudulent, as it is made up of Bots rather than actual human beings.
BOT means Build, Operate and Transfer.
BOT means the Bank of Thailand.

Examples of BOT in a sentence

  • Trustee Washington stated that it is consistent with other boards of which she is aware.After discussion, a motion was made to approve the December 8, 2022, amendment to BOT Policy 2018-01 - FAMU Direct Support Organizations.

  • Provide a date (which must be at or prior to the proposed Closing Date (BOT proposals only) or proposed Guaranteed Commercial Operation Date (PPA proposals only) by which Bidder would require all network upgrades to be completed in order to successfully achieve the project’s proposed Closing Date (BOT proposals only) or Guaranteed Commercial Operation Date (PPA proposals only).

  • Finally, the Committee requested the list of contracts that include band travel expenses as well as the annual cost projections for band travel be provided at their next committee meeting so that the BOT can address any funding shortfalls well in advance of the football season.

  • The determination of such payments depends on the nature of the project (eg BOO v BOT; conventional v project finance) and the reason for the termination.Government step-inGovernment may wish to retain the right to “step in” and assume (all or a portion of) the project or the services in certain events.

  • If no “top” entities are provided, dependencies up to the top-level entity (‘owl:Thing’) will be included.The TOP, BOT and STAR methods make use of the OWLAPI Syntactic Locality Module Extraction (SLME) im- plementation, which is guaranteed to capture all information logically relevant to the seed set [11].Remove and FilterThe ROBOT team is currently developing a pair of com- plementary commands for fine-grained control over ontology imports and extraction: ‘remove’ and ‘filter’.

More Definitions of BOT

BOT means the Board of Trustees of the California State University.
BOT means Bank One, Texas, N.A., 910 Travis, 7th Floor, Houston, Texas 77002.
BOT means the Bank of Thailand
BOT means the Bank of Tanzania
BOT means Bank of Tanzania, the Recipient’s central bank established and operating pursuant to the Bank of Tanzania Act No. 4 of 2006 of the laws of the Recipient.