BCC definition

BCC means the elected Board of County Commissioners.
BCC means Birmingham City Council

Examples of BCC in a sentence

  • Also, on November 2, 2021, Earthstone, EEH and BCC-Foreland LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“BCC”), consummated the transactions contemplated in the Purchase and Sale Agreement dated as of September 30, 2021 by and among Earthstone, EEH and BCC (the “BCC Purchase Agreement”).

  • At the closing of the BCC Purchase Agreement, EEH acquired (the “BCC Acquisition” and with the Foreland Acquisition, the “Foreland-BCC Acquisition”) certain well-bore interests and related equipment held by BCC that were part of a joint development agreement between Foreland, Foreland Operating, LLC, and BCC involving portions of the acreage covered by the Foreland Purchase Agreement for a purchase price of $20.5 million in cash, net of customary purchase price adjustments.

  • Board consideration and approval of a Notice of Acquisition and Consent to Assignment of Contracts between BCC Engineering, LLC and Heath and Lineback Engineers, Inc.

  • IRB protocols must be submitted for review within 30 days of notice of award and final IRB approval provided to Cancer Center administration within 60 days of NOA.❖ For projects involving cancer studies being conducted at UNMC, the relevant protocols must be submitted simultaneously to the IRB and to the BCC Scientific Review Committee (SRC).

  • A semi-analytic N-body algorithm, that we call the “binary Coulomb collision” method (BCC), is able to accurately capture strong electron/ion scattering events in the presence of arbitrary external fields with global 2nd-order accuracy [6].

More Definitions of BCC

BCC means Baroda Corporate Centre, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai
BCC means Baesch Computer Consulting.
BCC means Baroda Corporate Centre
BCC means the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.
BCC meansthe elected Board of County Commissioners whom all powers of the municipality are vested and who are responsible for the proper and efficient administration of the municipal government.
BCC means the Business Conduct Compliance department of IIROC.
BCC means the elected Board of County Commissioners of Santa Fe County.