Banking Document definition

Banking Document means this Electronic Authorisation Form, any account opening agreement, any facility letter, guarantee, assignment, security agreement and/ or any other agreement, document, letter, form of instructions of any description
Banking Document means any agreement, application or document (in paper, electronic or other form) as required by us from time to time in respect of any application for our banking accounts, products, services, loans and/or facilities (and/or any application for our banking accounts, products, services, loans and/or facilities) as we may provide or prescribe from time to time;
Banking Document means this Electronic Authorisation Form, any account opening agreement, any facility letter, guarantee, assignment, security agreement and/or any other agreement, document, letter, form of instructions of any description (other than a Wet Ink Agreement) between the Bank and the Customer in connection with any bank account, or any financing arrangement, trust or agency services, or asset management services.

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  • Brief Overview of Financial Inclusion Research Studies TenderedResearch StudyObjectives Business Case for the Adoption and Uptake of Agent Banking Document the status of agent banking in Nigeria, the challenges faced, and establish business cases for agent banking practice and encouragement for adoption by stakeholders.

  • Your agreement, consent and acceptance under these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be given by you as a user of Digital ID Verification in your personal capacity and as a duly authorised representative on behalf of each and every Customer whom you act for in respect of each Banking Document, and you warrant and confirm to us that you have full and proper authority from each Customer to agree to these Terms and Conditions.

  • You and us agree that a Banking Document may be electronically signed using e-Sign Service or by way of e-Sign.

  • If we require more than one User to electronically sign a Banking Document on behalf of a Customer, such Banking Document may be validly signed in counterparts electronically by each User using e-Sign Service and/or by manual/wet signature(s) and the counterparts shall together be deemed to constitute one and the same Banking Document.

  • All information and documents that you provide and upload in support of a Banking Document will be retained by us and will not be returned to you.

  • Each of the Customer and the User agrees that e-Sign Login Credentials provide us with the reasonable, and sufficient means of verifying the User’s identity in respect of the signing and submission of a Banking Document to us through the e-Sign Service .

  • Ensure an AKP changeover is conducted annually and the time between AKP changeovers does not exceed 12 months/365 days.

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  • You represent and warrant that if the User acts for a Customer in using e-Sign Service, the User has been duly authorised to represent the Customer and to sign the Banking Document on behalf of the Customer by e-Sign.

  • Develop a policy for allowing insurance vendor companies to talk to employees during work time & only allow vendors to talk to employees during lunch or after work and only during open enrollment period, permission from BOC – Motion by Hall, seconded by Holtzman to allow vendors/companies to contact employees only during their lunch period or after employees work shift for soliciting their services and products Roll call vote: Hall, aye; Mellage, aye; Holtzman, aye.

Related to Banking Document

  • Drawing Document means any Letter of Credit or other document presented for purposes of drawing under any Letter of Credit.

  • Governing Document means any charter, articles, bylaws, certificate, statement, statutes or similar document adopted, filed or registered in connection with the creation, formation or organization of an entity, and any Contract among all equityholders, partners or members of an entity.

  • Bidding Document means set of documents prepared by PSDF which consists of “Instructions to Training Providers”, TORs and forms for providing information about profile of the organization and Technical & Financial Proposals.

  • Loan Document means this Agreement, each Note, each Letter of Credit Document, the Guaranty and each other document or instrument now or hereafter executed and delivered by a Loan Party in connection with, pursuant to or relating to this Agreement.

  • Credit Document means any of this Agreement, the Revolving Loan Notes, if any, the Collateral Documents, the Asset Purchase Agreement, any Receivables Purchase Agreement, the Servicing Agreement, the Backup Servicing Agreement, the Custodial Agreement and all other documents, instruments or agreements executed and delivered by Company or Holdings for the benefit of any Agent or any Lender in connection herewith.

  • Financing Document means any credit agreement, guarantee, financing or security agreement or other agreements or instruments governing indebtedness of the Company or any of the Company Subsidiaries.

  • Cash Management Document means any certificate, agreement or other document executed by any Loan Party in respect of the Cash Management Obligations of any Loan Party.

  • Organizational Document means, relative to any Person, its certificate of incorporation, its certificate of formation or articles of organization, its certificate of partnership, its by-laws, its partnership agreement, its limited liability company or operating agreement, its memorandum or articles of association, share designations or similar organization documents and all shareholder agreements, voting trusts and similar arrangements applicable to any of its authorized Equity Interests.

  • Required Loan Documents means, for each Loan:

  • Finance Document means this Agreement, any Fee Letter, any Accession Letter, any Resignation Letter and any other document designated as such by the Agent and the Company.

  • TE Document means Tender Enquiry Document

  • relevant document means, with respect to a Receivable:

  • Bid Document - shall mean the document submitted by the bidder, pursuant to understanding and agreeing with the terms and conditions set out in this Tender Document.

  • T E Document means Tender Enquiry Document

  • Scope Document means the document (if any) that is provided with and becomes part of the Order Form and which defines sometimes in conjunction with a Service Description (as applicable) the Services to be provided.

  • Operative Document means a bond declaration, trust agreement, indenture, security

  • Operating Documents are, for any Person, such Person’s formation documents, as certified by the Secretary of State (or equivalent agency) of such Person’s jurisdiction of organization on a date that is no earlier than thirty (30) days prior to the Effective Date, and, (a) if such Person is a corporation, its bylaws in current form, (b) if such Person is a limited liability company, its limited liability company agreement (or similar agreement), and (c) if such Person is a partnership, its partnership agreement (or similar agreement), each of the foregoing with all current amendments or modifications thereto.

  • Letter of Credit Documents means, with respect to any Letter of Credit, collectively, any application therefor and any other agreements, instruments, guarantees or other documents (whether general in application or applicable only to such Letter of Credit) governing or providing for (a) the rights and obligations of the parties concerned or at risk with respect to such Letter of Credit or (b) any collateral security for any of such obligations, each as the same may be modified and supplemented and in effect from time to time.

  • Credit Documents mean the agreements, instruments, certificates or other documents at any time evidencing or otherwise relating to, governing or executed in connection with or as security for, a Loan, including without limitation notes, bonds, loan agreements, letter of credit applications, lease financing contracts, banker's acceptances, drafts, interest protection agreements, currency exchange agreements, repurchase agreements, reverse repurchase agreements, guarantees, deeds of trust, mortgages, assignments, security agreements, pledges, subordination or priority agreements, lien priority agreements, undertakings, security instruments, certificates, documents, legal opinions, participation agreements and intercreditor agreements, and all amendments, modifications, renewals, extensions, rearrangements, and substitutions with respect to any of the foregoing.

  • Constitutional Documents means, with respect to a particular legal entity, the articles of incorporation, certificate of incorporation, formation or registration (including, if applicable, certificates of change of name), memorandum of association, articles of association, bylaws, articles of organization, limited liability company agreement, trust deed, trust instrument, operating agreement, joint venture agreement, business license, or similar or other constitutive, governing, or charter documents, or equivalent documents, of such entity.

  • Credit Agreement Documents means the collective reference to any Credit Agreement, any notes issued pursuant thereto and the guarantees thereof, and the collateral documents relating thereto, as amended, supplemented, restated, renewed, refunded, replaced (whether or not upon termination, and whether with the original lenders or otherwise), restructured, repaid, refinanced or otherwise modified, in whole or in part, from time to time.

  • Borrower Loan Documents shall have the meaning given such term in the Borrower Loan Agreement.

  • LC Documents means the Letters of Credit and all applications, agreements and instruments relating to the Letters of Credit.

  • procurement document means any document produced or referred to by the contracting authority to describe or determine elements of the procurement or the procedure, including the contract notice, the prior information notice where it is used as a means of calling for competition, the technical specifications, the descriptive document, proposed conditions of contract, formats for the presentation of documents by candidates and tenderers, information on generally applicable obligations and any additional documents;

  • Charter Document means as to any Person, its partnership agreement, certificate of incorporation, certificate of formation, operating agreement, membership agreement or similar constitutive document or agreement or its by-laws.

  • Settlement Document shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.02(a).