Baggage receipt definition

Baggage receipt means that portion of a ticket, which ascertains that checked baggage was accepted for carriage.
Baggage receipt means those portions of the Ticket, which relate to the carriage of Your Checked Baggage.

Examples of Baggage receipt in a sentence

  • If you hold a Baggage receipt and receive your Checked Baggage without making a complaint, it will be reasonable evidence that the Checked Baggage was delivered in good condition, unless proven otherwise.

  • Nor is there sufficient factual support, as opposed to a conclusory allegation, that the appropriate authority entered into a written agreement to modify the RSU Agreement such that Plaintiff could be considered to have stated a claim that Rice intended to accelerate the vesting of his shares upon his termination.

  • Documentation to attach: ⮚ Event agenda ⮚ PCard purchases relating to travel ⮚ Map for mileage reimbursement ⮚ Lodging folio ⮚ Airline flight receipt ⮚ Baggage receipt ⮚ Parking receipt ⮚ Toll receipt ⮚ Etc.

  • The acceptance of Baggage by the owner of the Baggage receipt at the time that the Baggage is surrendered is sufficient proof that the Baggage was surrendered in good condition and in accordance with the carriage agreement, unless you demonstrate the contrary.

  • Baggage receipt refers to the part of the flight ticket that is issued by a carrier as a receipt of the passenger’s checked baggage for the transportation of checked baggage.

  • At check-in We will issue Your boarding pass and Baggage receipt for any Checked Baggage.

  • At check-in we will issue your boarding pass and Baggage receipt for any Checked Baggage.

Related to Baggage receipt

  • Baggage means luggage, and personal possessions and travel documents; whether owned, borrowed, or rented, taken by the Insured on the Trip.

  • Baggage Check means those portions of the Ticket which relate to the carriage of your Checked Baggage.

  • Unchecked Baggage means any baggage (carry-on) accompanying the passenger other than checked baggage.

  • Checked Baggage means baggage of which the carrier takes sole custody and for which the carrier issues a baggage identification tag.

  • Luggage means any article or vehicle carried by the carrier under a contract of carriage, excluding:

  • Foreman means a baker who has charge of the work and of one or more workers, including apprentices, in the bakehouse. Where an employer is himself substantially engaged in doing the actual work of an operative baker and also exercising supervision of the work in the bakehouse, he may be classed as a foreman, but not otherwise.

  • Monthly Shared-Loss Amount means the change in the Cumulative Shared- Loss Amount from the beginning of each month to the end of each month.

  • Contract Amount means:

  • Checked-In Baggage means the baggage handed over by the Insured and accepted by a Common Carrier for transportation in the same carrier in which the Insured is or would be travelling and for which the Common Carrier has issued a baggage receipt.

  • Monthly Loss Amount means the sum of all Foreclosure Losses, Restructuring Losses, Short Sale Losses, Portfolio Losses, Modification Default Losses and Deficient Losses realized by the Assuming Institution for any Shared Loss Month.

  • Image receptor means any device, such as a fluorescent screen or radiographic film, which transforms incident X-ray photons either into a visible image or into another form which can be made into a visible image by further transformations.

  • Transit Traffic means traffic originating on CLEC’s network that is switched and transported by AT&T-TSP and delivered to a Third Party Terminating Carrier’s network or traffic from a Third Party Originating Carrier’s network. A call that is originated or terminated by a CLEC purchasing local switching pursuant to a commercial agreement with AT&T-TSP is not considered Transit Traffic for the purposes of this Attachment. Additionally Transit Traffic does not include traffic to/from IXCs.

  • Final Shared-Loss Recovery Month means the calendar month in which the tenth anniversary of the Commencement Date occurs.

  • Gross Collections means all amounts actually collected as rents or other charges for use and occupancy of apartment units and from users of garage spaces (if any), leases of other non-dwelling facilities in the Property and concessionaires (if any) in respect of the Property, including furniture rental, parking fees, forfeited security deposits, application fees, late charges, income from coin‑operated machines, proceeds from rental interruption insurance, and other miscellaneous income collected at the Property; excluding, however, all other receipts, including but not limited to, income derived from interest on investments or otherwise, proceeds of claims on account of insurance policies (other than rental interruptions insurance), abatement of taxes, franchise fees, and awards arising out of eminent domain proceedings, discounts and dividends on insurance policies.

  • Excess Collections shall have the meaning specified in Section 2.8(a)(xv) of the Indenture.

  • Assumed Monthly Payment With respect to (a) any Mortgage Loan that is a Balloon Mortgage Loan delinquent in respect of its Balloon Payment beyond the Determination Date immediately following its scheduled maturity date (as such date may be extended in connection with a bankruptcy, insolvency or similar proceeding involving the related Borrower or by reason of a modification, waiver or amendment granted or agreed to by the applicable Master Servicer or the applicable Special Servicer), for that scheduled maturity date and for each subsequent Due Date as of which such Mortgage Loan remains outstanding and part of the Trust Fund, the scheduled monthly payment of principal and/or interest deemed to be due with respect to such Mortgage Loan on such Due Date equal to the amount (exclusive of Default Interest and any Post-ARD Additional Interest) that would have been due in respect thereof on such Due Date if such Mortgage Loan had been required to continue to accrue interest in accordance with its terms, and to pay principal in accordance with the amortization schedule (if any), in effect immediately prior to, and without regard to the occurrence of, such maturity date; and (b) any REO Mortgage Loan, for any Due Date as of which the related REO Property (or, in the case of any REO Mortgage Loan that is a successor to any Mortgage Loan in a Loan Combination, any interest in the related REO Property) remains part of the Trust Fund, the scheduled monthly payment of principal and/or interest deemed to be due in respect thereof on such Due Date equal to the Monthly Payment (or, in the case of a Balloon Mortgage Loan described in clause (a) of this definition, the Assumed Monthly Payment) that was due (or deemed due) with respect to the related Mortgage Loan on the last Due Date prior to its becoming an REO Mortgage Loan.

  • Retained Excess Cash Flow Amount means, at any date of determination, an amount equal to (a) the sum of the amounts of Excess Cash Flow for all Excess Cash Flow Periods ending on or prior to the date of determination for which the amount of Excess Cash Flow shall have been calculated as provided in Section 5.01(f) and with respect to which any payment required under Section 2.10(b)(v) has been paid, minus (b) the sum at the time of determination of the aggregate amount of prepayments required to be made pursuant to Section 2.10(b)(v) through the date of determination (whether or not such prepayments are accepted by Lenders), minus (c) the amount by which the required Excess Cash Flow payment for the respective Excess Cash Flow Period has been reduced pursuant to the proviso to Section 2.10(b)(v).

  • Freight forwarder means a person holding itself out to the general public (other than as a pipeline, rail, motor, or water carrier) to provide transportation of property for compensation and in the ordinary course of its business does the following:

  • Excess Mileage Charges means, with respect to any Program Vehicle, the amount charged to RCFC (or the applicable Lessee), or deducted from the Repurchase Payment or Guaranteed Payment, by the Manufacturer of such Vehicle due to the fact that such Vehicle has mileage over a prescribed limit at the time that such Vehicle is disposed of at Auction or turned in to such Manufacturer or its agent for repurchase, in either case pursuant to the applicable Vehicle Disposition Program.

  • Residual Metered Load means all load remaining in an electric distribution company’s fully metered franchise area(s) or service territory(ies) after all nodally priced load of entities serving load in such area(s) or territory(ies) has been carved out.

  • MONTHLY KILOMETREAGE STATEMENT CUM BILL means the format specified by the Company.

  • State-certified production means a motion picture production approved by the

  • Unrecovered Initial Unit Price means at any time, with respect to a Unit, the Initial Unit Price less the sum of all distributions constituting Capital Surplus theretofore made in respect of an Initial Common Unit and any distributions of cash (or the Net Agreed Value of any distributions in kind) in connection with the dissolution and liquidation of the Partnership theretofore made in respect of an Initial Common Unit, adjusted as the General Partner determines to be appropriate to give effect to any distribution, subdivision or combination of such Units.

  • Allocated Realized Loss Amount With respect to any Distribution Date and any Class of Mezzanine Certificates, the sum of (i) any Realized Losses allocated to such Class of Certificates on such Distribution Date and (ii) the amount of any Allocated Realized Loss Amount for such Class of Certificates remaining unpaid from the previous Distribution Date.

  • Net Loss Proceeds means the aggregate cash proceeds received by the Partnership or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries in respect of any Event of Loss, including, without limitation, insurance proceeds from condemnation awards or damages awarded by any judgment, net of the direct costs in recovery of such Net Loss Proceeds (including, without limitation, legal, accounting, appraisal and insurance adjuster fees and any relocation expenses incurred as a result thereof), amounts required to be applied to the repayment of Indebtedness secured by a Lien on the asset or assets that were the subject of such Event of Loss, and any taxes or the portion of the Tax Amount attributable to such Event of Loss paid or payable as a result thereof.

  • Prepaid Monthly Payment Any Monthly Payment received prior to its scheduled Due Date, which is intended to be applied to a Mortgage Loan on its scheduled Due Date and held in the related Custodial Account for P&I until the Withdrawal Date following its scheduled Due Date.