Commissioner-General definition

Commissioner-General means the Commissioner-General appointed under the Zambia Revenue Authority Act;
Commissioner-General means the person appointed to act as the senior Federal official for the exposition as required by BIE rules and regulations.
Commissioner-General means the person appointed under section 13 of the Ghana Revenue Authority Act, 2009 (Act 791);

Examples of Commissioner-General in a sentence

  • If the quoted item is exempted from VAT or Bidding Company is not liable for VAT, reference number and date of relevant Act number/Gazette notification/a certificate (as applicable) issued for the current financial year from the Commissioner General of Inland Revenue to that effect should be submitted along with the Bid.

  • Appointment and disciplinary matters for positions of the Heads and Deputy Heads of Departments as well as the staff appeals and grievances against the rulings made by the Senior Management Appointments and Disciplinary committee or the Commissioner General.

  • NHS Code of Practice This code was Published by the Department of Health in November 2003, and endorsed by the Information Commissioner, General Medical Council (GMC), British Medical Association (BMA) and Medical Research Council, gives the following guidelines in relation to the sharing of confidential information: Confidential Patient information generally should not be passed to non-NHS and non-Social Care bodies, although there are exceptions where it can be.

  • Members of ICTSC are appointed by the Commissioner General and are accountable to the Members of Management Committee.

  • To secure this exemption, MCA-Liberia must submit a comprehensive listing of all Exempt Entities or Exempt Individuals to the Commissioner General of the LRA and also submit the details of categories of items each Exempt Entity or Exempt Individual will require.

More Definitions of Commissioner-General

Commissioner-General means the Commissioner General appointed under section 4 of the Seychelles Revenue Commission Act (Cap. 322);
Commissioner-General means the Commissioner-General of Correctional Service appointed under Article 32(4)(c)(cc) of the Namibian Constitution;
Commissioner-General means the Commissioner General of Internal Revenue appointed under Section 6 of the Income Tax Act 1959;
Commissioner-General means the Commissioner-General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority;
Commissioner-General means the Commissioner- General appointed under the National Revenue Authority Act, 2002;
Commissioner-General means the Commissioner-General of the Authority appointed in terms of section nineteen;
Commissioner-General means the Commissioner General of the Zambia Revenue Authority;