Athlete definition

Athlete means a person who wishes to be considered for nomination to the Games Team.
Athlete means one of the parties to the Agreement, listed above;
Athlete means any athlete who participates or is selected to participate in an Event or Competition.

Examples of Athlete in a sentence

  • At the outset of the hearing, the Athlete, first, reiterated her objections to the composition of the Panel as already set out in her petition for challenge of Mr Radoux.

  • If the Panel were to accept that the general doping scheme existed, then the Athlete should not be considered as acting as “individual athlete” but as part of the scheme and the only question would, then, be if the IOC has presented evidence linking the Athlete to the scheme.

  • Accordingly, the Panel notes that the relevant standard of proof is that it must be comfortably satisfied that the Athlete committed an ADRV before making a finding against the athlete.

  • All in all, there would therefore be clear evidence of the scheme and a clear link of the Athlete to said scheme.

  • As it concerns the Athlete, the IOC DC’s statement and the application of the principles set forth therein form the basis of her appeal to the CAS (the IOC DC’s decision dated 27 November 2017, as well as the statement that followed on 22 December 2017, are referred to as the “Appealed Decision”).

More Definitions of Athlete

Athlete means any person or group of persons, participating in sports competitions;
Athlete means a person seeking selection in the Event Team, and other than in clauses 1.3(a), 2 and 3, means an Eligible Athlete, unless stated otherwise.
Athlete or “Athletes” means an athlete or athletes who has/have been designated by USATF as qualified and eligible to compete in the Championships, and who in fact so compete.
Athlete means a Federation Internationale De Ski/ International Ski Federation (“FIS”) carded Athlete that is a Canadian resident or citizen as defined in the Citizenship and Immigration Act (Canada).
Athlete means a person who participates in exercise,
Athlete means a person seeking nomination and selection to the Games Team, and other than in clauses 1.3(a), 2 and 3, means an Eligible Athlete, unless stated otherwise.
Athlete means, for the purposes of doping control, any person who participates in sport at the international or national level as defined by each national anti-doping organization and accepted by States Parties and any additional person who participates in a sport or event at a lower level accepted by States Parties. For the purposes of education and training programmes, “athlete” means any person who participates in sport under the authority of a sports organization.