Asserting Party definition

Asserting Party means the party against whom a Claim is asserted and who seeks indemnification under this Agreement, and the termDefending Party” shall mean the party from whom indemnification is sought under this Agreement.
Asserting Party shall have the meaning set forth in Section 11.21.
Asserting Party has the meaning set forth in Section 8.5.

Examples of Asserting Party in a sentence

  • This criterion is applicable but the Asserting Party does not keep unissued checks.

  • As permitted by C&DI 200.06, the Asserting Party has asserted that it has policies and procedures in place designed to provide reasonable assurance that the vendors’ activities comply in all material respects with servicing criteria applicable to the vendor.

  • This criterion is not applicable as the Asserting Party does not routinely accept or process payments directly.

  • The servicing criteria marked in this column with a “Z” are criteria that the Asserting Party concluded were not required of the Asserting Party under the related transaction agreements for any Platform trust during the Reporting Period.

  • Asserting Party has outsourced certain servicing activities to third parties.

More Definitions of Asserting Party

Asserting Party is defined in Section 4.2.1.
Asserting Party is defined in Section 3.1(d) herein.
Asserting Party has the meaning set forth in Article 32.2.3.
Asserting Party. Section 16.3 "Assets" Section 1 "Assumed Contracts" Section 2.2 "Closing" Section 11. 1 "Closing Date" Section 11. 1 "Contracts" Section 6.5.1 "Defending Party" Section 16.3 "Deposit" Section 3 "Effective Date Preamble "Environmental Testing" Section 8.5 "Existing Site Assessments" Section 8.5 "Facility"; "Facilities" Preamble "Inspection Period" Section 9.1 "Inventory" Section 1.3 "Labor Contracts" Section 6.5.1 "Liabilities" Section 16.1 "Land" Preamble "Major Damage" Section 12.1 "Occupancy Agreement" Section 6.5.1
Asserting Party has the meaning assigned in Section 10.4.