Definition of AFFO

  1. AFFO means net income attributable to holders of Common Stock calculated in accordance with GAAP plus real estate depreciation expense minus recurring capital expenditures on all Real Estate Assets owned by Residential or any Subsidiary, and making such other adjustments as are approved in good faith by the Board of Directors, including a majority of the Independent Directors, after discussions with the Manager.

Examples of AFFO in a sentence

  1. The following terms, when used herein, shall have the following meanings: AFFO means the Companys adjusted funds from operations as disclosed in the Companys Periodic Report filed with respect to the applicable period.
  2. No additional amount shall be paid to the Participant under the AFFO Component if the Company's actual 2016 AFFO per share of Common Stock is greater than $___________.
  3. YearNormalized AFFO AFFO Bonus 2014 5% Growth Over 2013 per share $400,000

Definition of AFFO in Management Agreement

AFFO means adjusted funds from operations, as reported in the Company's supplemental disclosure for any fiscal quarter.

Definition of AFFO in Amended and Restated Management Agreement

AFFO means adjusted funds from operations, as determined by the Company for any fiscal quarter, as approved by either the Committee or the Board.

Definition of AFFO in Incentive Compensation Plan

AFFO means adjusted funds from operations, calculated by adjusting FFO by adding back acquisition and disposition costs, stock based compensation expenses, amortization of deferred financing costs and any other non-recurring or non-cash expenses, which are costs that do not relate to the operating performance of the Company's properties, and subtracting loss on extinguishment of debt, straight line rent adjustment, recurring tenant improvements, recurring leasing commissions and recurring capital expenditures.