Definition of AFFO

AFFO means adjusted funds from operations, calculated by adjusting FFO by adding back acquisition expenses, equity based compensation expenses, and any other non-recurring on non-cash expenses, and subtracting recurring capital expenditures (and, when calculating the Incentive Fee only, further adjusting FFO to include any realized gains or losses on the Company's real estate investments).

Examples of AFFO in a sentence

The following terms, when used herein, shall have the following meanings: AFFO means the Companys adjusted funds from operations as disclosed in the Companys Periodic Report filed with respect to the applicable period.
Distribution Shortfall means, with respect to any calendar quarter during the Term, the amount by which Quarterly Distributions exceed AFFO for such quarter or, in the event AFFO is negative, the amount of the Quarterly Distributions for such quarter.
In the event of a Distribution Shortfall for any calendar quarter during the Term, NRFC shall purchase Shares from the Company in an amount equal to the Distribution Shortfall; provided, however, that NRFC shall not be obligated to purchase Shares for any quarter in which AFFO for such quarter exceeds the Threshold Amount and further provided, that NRFCs obligation to purchase Shares pursuant to this Agreement shall be limited to an aggregate of $10,000,000 in purchase amount.
In accordance with the terms of the Plan, the terms of this Incentive Award (including but not limited to the terms of the AFFO Component), shall be adjusted as the Committee determines is equitably required in the event the Company effects one or more stock dividends, stock split-ups, subdivisions or consolidations of shares or other similar changes in capitalization.
The amount that the Participant may earn under the Incentive Award includes the amount that may be earned in accordance with Paragraph 2 (the "AFFO Component") and the amount that may be earned in accordance with Paragraph 3 (the "Individual Performance Component").