Advertising and Promotional Materials definition

Advertising and Promotional Materials means all existing advertising and promotional materials, including flyers, brochures, pamphlets and video cassettes, or any similar materials or items, which pertain exclusively to the Products and are in the possession of Seller on the Closing Date.

Examples of Advertising and Promotional Materials in a sentence

  • Such additional information consistent with the Act as the Division may require to ensure full and fair disclosure to prospective purchasers.SUBPART C: ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES Section 1260.300 Submission of Advertising and Promotional Materials The Division may request advertising and promotional materials at any time.

  • Services to be provided within the District include: Marketing, Advertising and Promotional Materials; Services; Legal/Accounting, Liability Insurance; Personnel Expenses; Office Expenses; Miscellaneous.

  • SUBPART D: ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS Section 1451.200 Submission of Advertising and Promotional Materials The Department may request advertising and promotional materials at any time.

  • Advertising and Promotional Materials All advertising and promotional materials you use relating to your Hotel must conform in all respects with the guidelines in the Manual.

  • Entertainment of reasonable value may include food and tickets for sporting and cultural events if they are generally offered to other customers, suppliers or vendors.2. Advertising and Promotional Materials.

  • The decrease (5.5% vs 2%) takes into account inter-seta transfers-out as well as the slowdown in economic growth of the country.16 Note 4: Advertising and Promotional Materials (R30 million – decrease 43%)17 Note 5: Legal fees (R3 million – decrease 15%)18 Note 6: Storage and security (R1.4 million – increase 100%)19 Note 7: Insurance (R2.5 million – decrease 50%)20 Note 8: Venue Hire, catering and refreshments (R1.1 million – increase 12%)Table 10.

  • Evaluating Advertising and Promotional Materials Due to the increasing complexity of certain products, particularly mortgage loans and credit cards, a bank’s advertising and promotional materials1 should be presented in a clear, balanced, and timely manner, with special atten- tion paid to products targeted toward the elderly, financially vulnerable, or financially unsophisti- cated.

  • Definitions Advertising and Promotional Materials means any advertisements and promotional materials and includes, but is not limited to, posters (other than those that form part of a newspaper or sports-related magazine of the same size and with print on the reverse and with no logos or designations of any third party), stickers, competitions, recordings, videos and films, advertisements, point-of-sale material.

  • According to Pringle, DuBose, and Yankey (2010) students in business administration fields are extroverted, and in particular students majoring in marketing are more extroverted than those in other business majors.

  • Mozambique may also want to consider the relevance of establishing a sovereign wealth fund and a stabilization fund to benefit future generations and insulate the economy from short- to medium-term volatility in commodity prices (Otto 2018), though it will take time to build up the fund.

Related to Advertising and Promotional Materials

  • Promotional Materials means the core written, printed, video or graphic advertising, promotional, educational and communication materials (other than Collaboration Product labeling) for marketing, advertising and promotion of the Collaboration Products.

  • Promotional Material means any communication that relates to the Company or its services made to or directed at, or that relates in any way to the solicitation of a Prospective Customer or a transaction in an Existing Customer’s trading account. Promotional Material includes, but is not limited to, published written texts, training materials, advertisements, market analysis, research reports, correspondence to Existing Customers or Prospective Customers, newsletters and generally anything written that assists in the solicitation process.

  • Advertising Materials means any advertising, marketing, merchandising, promotional, public relations (including press releases) and display materials relating to or concerning the Licensed Products, or any other advertising, merchandising, promotional, public relations (including press releases) and display materials depicting any of the Licensed Trademarks.

  • Marketing Materials has the meaning ascribed thereto in NI 41-101;

  • Instructional materials means relevant instructional

  • Product Labeling means, with respect to a Licensed Product in a country or other jurisdiction in the Territory, (a) the Regulatory Authority-approved full prescribing information for such Licensed Product for such country or other jurisdiction, including any required patient information, and (b) all labels and other written, printed, or graphic matter upon a container, wrapper, or any package insert utilized with or for such Licensed Product in such country or other jurisdiction.

  • Instructional material means instructional content that is provided to a student, regardless of its format, including printed or representational materials, audiovisual materials, and materials in electronic or digital formats (such as materials accessible through the Internet). The term does not include academic tests or academic assessments. 20 USC §1232h(c)(6)(A).

  • Artwork has the meaning set forth in Section 1.6(a).

  • Training Materials means any and all materials, documentation, notebooks, forms, diagrams, manuals and other written materials and tangible objects, describing how to maintain the Facilities, including any corrections, improvements and enhancements thereto to the Bloom Systems which are delivered by Operator to Owner, but excluding any data and reports delivered to Owner.

  • Marketing Material means (a) customary bank books, information memoranda and other information packages regarding the business, operations, financial condition, projections and prospects of the Companies and their Subsidiaries, including all information relating to the transactions contemplated hereunder and (b) a customary “road show presentation” and a preliminary and final offering memorandum or private placement memorandum that is suitable for use in a customary “high-yield road show”, in each case required in connection with the Financing.

  • Packaging Materials means the packaging materials for any of the Products, including product labels, packaging inserts, external packaging and similar materials.

  • Labeling means all labels and other written, printed, or graphic matter on an article or any of its

  • Program Materials means the documents and information provided by the Program Administrator specifying the qualifying EEMs, technology requirements, costs and other Program requirements, which include, without limitation, program guidelines and requirements, application forms and approval letters.

  • advertising structure means any screen, fence, wall or other physical structure or object erected to display an advertisement or which is in itself an advertisement or used to display an advertisement.

  • Advertising means the planning, creating, or placing of advertising in newspapers, magazines,

  • Printed Materials means all artwork and mechanicals set forth on the disc label of the PlayStation Disc relating to any of the Licensed Products and on or inside any Packaging for the Licensed Product, and all instructional manuals, liners, inserts, trade dress and other user information to be inserted into the Packaging.

  • Licensed Materials means any materials that Executive utilizes for the benefit of the Company (or any Subsidiary thereof), or delivers to the Company or the Company’s Customers, which (a) do not constitute Work Product, (b) are created by Executive or of which Executive is otherwise in lawful possession and (c) Executive may lawfully utilize for the benefit of, or distribute to, the Company or the Company’s Customers.

  • Manufacturing Materials means parts, tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, plans, drawings, and information produced or acquired, or rights acquired, specifically to fulfill obligations set forth herein.

  • Custom Materials means Materials developed by the Supplier at the Procuring Entity's expense under the Contract and identified as such in Appendix 5 of the Contract Agreement and such other Materials as the parties may agree in writing to be Custom Materials. Custom Materials includes Materials created from Standard Materials.

  • propagating material has the meaning given to it in the PBR Act, namely in relation to a Plant of a particular Plant Variety, means any part or product from which, whether alone or in combination with other parts or products of that Plant, another Plant with the same essential characteristics can be produced.

  • Publicity Material means the promotional gifts, catalogues, pamphlets and all and any advertising and publicity material whatsoever which an Exhibitor wishes to display, distribute or use at the Exhibition.

  • Licensed Material means the artistic or literary work, database, or other material to which the Licensor applied this Public License.

  • Developed Materials means Materials created, made, or developed by Contractor or Subcontractors, either solely or jointly with the Court or Court Contractors, in the course of providing the Work under this Agreement, and all Intellectual Property Rights therein and thereto, including, without limitation, (i) all work-in-process, data or information, (ii) all modifications, enhancements and derivative works made to Contractor Materials, and (iii) all Deliverables; provided, however, that Developed Materials do not include Contractor Materials.

  • Licensed Content means those articles or other parts of a Licensed Title which form part of the content licensed in accordance with the Order (including all content published during the Subscription Period or other period specified in the Order to which access and use rights are granted under this Licence, and including all Previously Subscribed Material).

  • SAP Materials means any software, programs, tools, systems, data, or other materials made available by SAP or any other member of the SAP Group to Partner or to an End User (either directly or indirectly via Partner) prior to or in the course of the performance under any part of this Agreement including, but not limited to, the other SAP Products.

  • Regulatory Filings means any submission to a Regulatory Authority of any appropriate regulatory application together with any related correspondence and documentation, and will include any submission to a regulatory advisory board, marketing authorization application, and any supplement or amendment thereto.