Accrual Rate definition

Accrual Rate. With respect to the Class A Certificates and any Distribution Date, the lesser of (i) the One-Month LIBOR Pass-Through Rate for the applicable Interest Accrual Period and (ii) the Maximum Class A Pass-Through Rate for such Interest Accrual Period.
Accrual Rate means the annual interest rate of nine percent (9%).
Accrual Rate. The rate set forth in the Insurance Agreement. The Accrual Rate shall be computed on the basis of the actual number of days elapsed over the actual number of days in the current calendar year. In no event shall the Accrual Rate exceed the maximum rate permissible under law applicable to this Agreement limiting interest rates.

Examples of Accrual Rate in a sentence

  • For Federal and State tax purposes (i) interest shall accrue at the Accrual Rate, and (ii) payments made pursuant to section 2 shall first be treated as interest, up to the amount of interest so accrued, then shall be treated as principal, until Purchaser has received, as principal, the entire Principal Amount, and then shall be treated as interest.

  • The two consultants were charged with the responsibility to provide technical implementation support and improve report generation.

  • After having served in the state service for six (6) months, employees shall be credited with the appropriate earned vacation leave and thereafter vacation leave shall be accumulated or prorated on the appropriate schedule as follows for (a) full-time employees; (b) seasonal employees; and (c) part-time employees: Length of State Service: Vacation Accrual Rate: After six months (minimum 1,040 hours) (a) through 5th year; (b) 5th annual season; or, (c) 60th months.

  • The "Original Accrual Rate" with respect to any Reference Obligation is the mortgage rate as of the Cut-off Date, less the greater of (x) the related servicing fee and (y) 35 basis points.

  • Current Period Modification Loss Amount – means, as reported in the applicable Monthly Servicing Report, with respect to each payment date and any Covered Loan that has experienced a Modification: (a) one-twelfth of the Original Accrual Rate multiplied by the UPB of such Covered Loan, minus(b) one-twelfth of the Current Accrual Rate multiplied by the interest bearing UPB of such Covered Loan.

More Definitions of Accrual Rate

Accrual Rate means the annual interest rate of eight percent ------------ (8.0%).
Accrual Rate means the rate, expressed as a fraction of pensionable earnings, at which pension benefits build up per £1.00 of pensionable earnings paid in each scheme year for each year of pensionable service.
Accrual Rate means the annual interest rate of eight and one-half percent (8.5%).
Accrual Rate means one month LIBOR as of October 29, 2008, which was 3.1175%, plus 1.0%.
Accrual Rate means a per annum rate equal to the per annum interest rate then in effect under the then Existing Credit Agreement.
Accrual Rate means the annual interest rate of eight percent (8.0%).