Ability definition

Ability refers to mental, and physical capability. The Employer, in making a decision with respect to determining which employees are to be retained and which employees are to be laid off, shall determine qualifications, and the ability of employees to perform the duties which the remaining employees will be required to perform, in a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory manner. The onus of proof rests with the Employer in any dispute over the application of qualifications and ability to perform the duties which the remaining employees will be required to perform.
Ability means either general ability or ability in any particular subject or subjects;

Examples of Ability in a sentence

  • Ability to document all aspects of the field project in the Report of Survey and other documents that meet international and national standards.

  • Select Native, Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner or No Ability from the dropdown menus as appropriate.

  • The second TA/ETA will assist the user with changing the PIN, but must not observe the new PIN being entered.

  • Operation Ability and Capacity Determine whether the facility can remain open or if parts of the facility can remain operational.

  • Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions that are furnished in written, oral or diagrammatic form.

More Definitions of Ability

Ability means to possess and apply both knowledge and skill.
Ability shall include: Physical and/or psychological examination by qualified person(s); capacity to successfully provide transportation-related service to students (including consideration of driver evaluations and driving records); satisfying all standards contained in regulations and Employer policies issued to implement the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991; not being cancelled or qualified for coverage on the Employer's standard fleet insurance policy; not being convicted of any offense which would either statutorily disqualify the driver from hire or retention or any other offense indicative of unfitness to provide services to students.
Ability as used in this Article means possession of the required level of physical fitness, strength, co-ordination, and stamina to perform all of the work required by the job.
Ability. DETERMINATIONPRODUCTION EMPLOYEES This letter summarizes our method for determining “ability” in accordance with Clause 13A of this Agreement. It is recognized that the plant’s machinery and processes are continually becoming more complex and that for key positions requiring significant technical capability such as the Technician and Distillery Process Operator classifications the selection process will be undertaken in seniority order and will be for up to ten (10) days in duration for the Distillery Process Operator classification and for up to five (5) days for the Technician classification. An applicant may be required to successfully pass a pre-determined test as well as practical testing on job functions as part of the selection process. Thereafter, successful applicants will validate ability by undergoing a further evaluation pursuant to Clause 13 A (b). Testing requirements will be reviewed and discussed with the President or Vice President and the Area Representative. Should the requirements of the testing subsequently change, these changes will again be discussed with the appropriate union representatives and will be outlined in the job posting. Failure to follow this procedure will void the posting. Furthermore, at the request of the President or Area Representative, the company agrees to review and discuss the test results of an unsuccessful applicant. For less technical job classifications, “ability” will be determined by the senior applicant undergoing an evaluation process pursuant to Clause 13A (b). The Company recognizes the importance of maximizing job advancement opportunities for all its employees. Yours very truly HIRAM WALKER & SONS LIMITED Carol Symons, President UNIFOR and its Local 2027 P.O. Box 2302 - Walkerville Stn. Windsor, ON LETTER OF INTENT N0. 11 October 20, 2004
Ability. The physical and mental capability to perform the duties required in the job. Signed this day of , 2007. WASTE MANAGEMENT OF CANADA INTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATING CORPORATION ENGINEERS, LOCAL 115 LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #5 BY AND BETWEEN: WASTE MANAGEMENT OF CANADA CORPORATION AND: INTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATING ENGINEERS LOCAL 115 Re: Route Committee/Incentive Pay The parties agree that a Route Committee shall be established. The following terms of reference shall apply to the Route Committee: