Substance Abuse Treatment Information Sample Clauses

Substance Abuse Treatment Information. Substance abuse treatment information shall be maintained in compliance with 42 C.F.R. Part 2 if the Party or subcontractor(s) are Part 2 covered programs, or if substance abuse treatment information is received from a Part 2 covered program by the Party or subcontractor(s).
Substance Abuse Treatment Information. The confidentiality of any alcohol and drug abuse treatment information acquired by or provided to the Contractor or subcontractor shall be maintained in compliance with any applicable state or federal laws or regulations and specifically set out in 42 CFR Part 2.

Related to Substance Abuse Treatment Information

  • Patient Information Each Party agrees to abide by all laws, rules, regulations, and orders of all applicable supranational, national, federal, state, provincial, and local governmental entities concerning the confidentiality or protection of patient identifiable information and/or patients’ protected health information, as defined by any other applicable legislation in the course of their performance under this Agreement.

  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE Substance abuse is recognized to be a serious medical and social problem that can affect employees. The Company and Union have a strong interest in encouraging early treatment and as- sisting employees towards full rehabilitation. The company will continue to provide a comprehensive ap- proach towards dealing with substance abuse and its related problems. Company assistance will include referral of employ- ees to appropriate counseling services or treatment and rehabili- tation facilities. The company will provide all normal group insurance benefits while under a medically prescribed course of treatment. A committee will be set up comprising representation of the Company and the Union to administer the program. Union Sub- stance Abuse Representatives will be provided such time as is necessary for the administration of the program.

  • Insurance and Fingerprint Requirements Information Insurance If applicable and your staff will be on TIPS member premises for delivery, training or installation etc. and/or with an automobile, you must carry automobile insurance as required by law. You may be asked to provide proof of insurance. Fingerprint It is possible that a vendor may be subject to Chapter 22 of the Texas Education Code. The Texas Education Code, Chapter 22, Section 22.0834. Statutory language may be found at: xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/ If the vendor has staff that meet both of these criterion: (1) will have continuing duties related to the contracted services; and (2) has or will have direct contact with students Then you have ”covered” employees for purposes of completing the attached form. TIPS recommends all vendors consult their legal counsel for guidance in compliance with this law. If you have questions on how to comply, see below. If you have questions on compliance with this code section, contact the Texas Department of Public Safety Non-Criminal Justice Unit, Access and Dissemination Bureau, FAST-FACT at XXXX@xxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx and you should send an email identifying you as a contractor to a Texas Independent School District or ESC Region 8 and TIPS. Texas DPS phone number is (000) 000-0000. See form in the next attribute to complete entitled: Texas Education Code Chapter 22 Contractor Certification for Contractor Employees