What the Sample Clauses

What the. 1502 Connection Will CostThere are currently no monthly service charges or transaction fees for the 1502 Connection. However, you are responsible for all telephone charges incurred in connecting to the 1502 Connection. You also are responsible for charges by any Access Service Provider.
What the. OWNER (Gov) may/may not‌ do (d),(g),(i), (k) Paragraph (d) - Government-furnished property Deliver the property, data & info… “Stuff” under warranty -- Neither LATE nor DEFECTIVE… “Stuff” not under warranty – “as-is” Add, subtract, or substitute… d
What the. OWNER (Gov) may/may not‌ do (d),(g),(i), (k) Paragraph (g) - System Analysis Physical location ACCESS – to Steward & Sub- steward locations! Records ACCESS Requirecorrective action” g
What the. OWNER (Gov) may/may not‌ do (d),(g),(i), (k) Paragraph (i) - Equitable adjustment Seek or provide a contract adjustmentParagraph (k) - Abandonment of Government propertyMay NOT abandon SENSITIVE “stuff” without OKMAY ABANDON non-sensitive “stuff” – no OK needed!!Other “stuff” abandonable…No obligation to restore or rehabilitate…
What the. ReportsFeed basically doesBasically, the ReportsFeed is a software application developed for:- schedule and activate, automatically, applications developed in Microsoft Power BI;- automate the insertion of filters in the data before activations;- capture reports produced by these activated applications; and- distribute these reports through emails (attaching image and / or PDF formats) on the dates and times cataloged and to the addresses previously registered in the ReportsFeed environment.