Waves Sample Clauses

Waves. Due to the presence of ice, it is a challenge to make wave observations in the Arctic water. However, due to accelerated melting of Arctic ice, waves are playing a more and more important role in the Arctic. NRT data: • NDBC database: currently there are 6 wave buoys reporting data in NDBC (xxxxx://xxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxx/) in the north of 60 N - one in Icelandic offshore and the other 5 in the open water area NW of Scotland. • Canadian data: there are also two wave buoys operating in the Great Slave Lake. In Norwegian offshore there exist about 26 wave buoys operated by oil companies. The data access is under condition of approval from the owners.
Waves. After the first wave, the Voluntary Transfer and SROA/Layoff processes may occur at the same time.
Waves. ● Wave data processed. Full report and analysis

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  • Pandemic The disease known as Coronavirus (COVID-19) which was characterised to be a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on 11 March 2020.

  • Explosion 4. Riot or civil commotion.

  • Welding Welding and use of cutting torches or cutoff saws will be permitted only in areas that have been cleared or are free of all material capable of carrying fire. Flammable debris and vegetation must be removed from within a minimum 10-foot radius of all welding and cutting operations. A shovel and a 5-gallon standard backpack water container filled and with handpump attached shall be immediately available for use in the event of a fire start. C8.212 – MARKET-RELATED CONTRACT TERM ADDITION (11/08). The term of this contract may be adjusted when a drastic reduction in wood product prices has occurred in accordance with 36 CFR 223.52. The Producer Price Index used to determine when a drastic reduction in price has occurred is stated in A20. Purchaser will be notified whenever the Chief determines that a drastic reduction in wood product prices has occurred. If the drastic reduction criteria specified in 36 CFR 223.52 are met for 2 consecutive calendar quarters, after contract award date, Contracting Officer will add 1 year to the contract term, upon Purchaser’s written request. For each additional consecutive quarter such a drastic reduction occurs, Contracting Officer will, upon written request, add an additional 3 months to the term during Normal Operating Season, except that no single 3-month addition shall extend the term of the contract by more than one year. Contracting Officer must receive Purchaser’s written request for a market-related contract term addition before the expiration of this contract. No more than 3 years shall be added to a contract's term by market-related contract term addition unless the following conditions are met:

  • Shortages 1. No employee may be required to make up cash register shortages unless he is given the privilege of checking the change and daily receipts upon starting and completing the work shift and unless the employee has exclusive access to the cash register during the work shift, except as specified below.

  • Blasting Blasting shall be permitted only for road construction purposes unless advance permission is obtained from Forest Service. Whenever the Industrial Fire Precaution Level is II or greater, a fire security person equipped with a long handled round point No. 0 or larger shovel and a 5 gallon backpack pump can filled with water, will stay at location of blast for 1 hour after blasting is done. Blasting may be suspended by Forest Service, in areas of high rate of spread and resistance to control. Fuses shall not be used for blasting. Explosive cords shall not be used without permission of Forest Service, which may specify conditions under which such explosives may be used and precautions to be taken.

  • Electrical Provide drawings for the following systems:

  • Outages Outage Authority and Coordination. Interconnection Customer and Transmission Owner may each in accordance with Good Utility Practice in coordination with the other Party and Transmission Provider remove from service any of its respective Interconnection Facilities, System Protection Facilities, Network Upgrades, System Protection Facilities or Distribution Upgrades that may impact the other Party’s facilities as necessary to perform maintenance or testing or to install or replace equipment. Absent an Emergency Condition, the Party scheduling a removal of such facility(ies) from service will use Reasonable Efforts to notify one another and schedule such removal on a date and time mutually acceptable to the Parties. In all circumstances, any Party planning to remove such facility(ies) from service shall use Reasonable Efforts to minimize the effect on the other Parties of such removal.

  • Smoke Detectors At Owner's expense, smoke detectors will be installed on the Property in working condition in accordance with the law prior to the tenant's occupancy. During the occupancy, it shall be the tenant's responsibility to maintain all smoke detectors. Owner will replace smoke detector equipment as needed.

  • Smoke This peril means sudden and accidental damage from smoke, including the emission or puffback of smoke, soot, fumes or vapors from a boiler, furnace or related equipment. This peril does not include loss caused by smoke from agricultural smudging or industrial operations.

  • Weather 6.1 No extension of time shall be granted for delays resulting from normal weather conditions prevailing in the area as defined by the average of the last ten years of weather data as recorded by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at the Fort Lauderdale Weather Station.