Various Rights Sample Clauses

Various Rights. The Parties specifically agree that the covenants in this Section 10 are an integral part of the inducement of the Company to enter into this Agreement and that the Company and/or its affiliates (or their respective successors or assigns) shall be entitled to injunctive relief, as provided in Section 11, in addition to all other legal and equitable rights and remedies available to it in connection with any breach or threatened breach by the Executive of any provision of this Section 10 (including without limitation the remedies set forth in Section 10(c)) and that no right, power or remedy conferred upon or reserved or exercised by the Company in this Section 10 is intended to be exclusive of any other right, power or remedy, each and every one of which (now or hereafter existing at law, in equity, by statute or otherwise) shall be cumulative and concurrent. Each of the Executive and the Company agrees that in the event that either the length of time or Restricted Area set forth herein is deemed too restrictive by any arbitration panel or court of competent jurisdiction, the covenants and agreements in this Section 10, including Section 10(c), shall be enforceable for such time and within such geographical area as such arbitration panel or court may deem reasonable under the circumstances.

Related to Various Rights

  • Assignee’s Rights (a) The Transfer of a Company Interest in accordance with this Agreement shall be effective as of the date of its assignment (assuming compliance with all of the conditions to such Transfer set forth herein), and such Transfer shall be shown on the books and records of the Company. Profits, Losses and other Company items shall be allocated between the transferor and the Assignee according to Code Section 706, using any permissible method as determined in the reasonable discretion of the Manager. Distributions made before the effective date of such Transfer shall be paid to the transferor, and Distributions made after such date shall be paid to the Assignee.

  • Bank's Rights Bank shall have the right, but not the obligation, to take, at Grantor's sole expense, any actions that Grantor is required under this IP Agreement to take but which Grantor fails to take, after fifteen (15) days' notice to Grantor. Grantor shall reimburse and indemnify Bank for all reasonable costs and reasonable expenses incurred in the reasonable exercise of its rights under this section 4.

  • Grants, Rights and Remedies This IP Security Agreement has been entered into in conjunction with the provisions of the Security Agreement. Each Grantor does hereby acknowledge and confirm that the grant of the security interest hereunder to, and the rights and remedies of, the Collateral Agent with respect to the Collateral are more fully set forth in the Security Agreement, the terms and provisions of which are incorporated herein by reference as if fully set forth herein.

  • OWNER’S RIGHTS B.1.1 The Owner shall have the right to perform work related to the project and to award contracts in connection with the project that are not part of the Consultant’s responsibilities under the AGREEMENT. The consultant shall notify the Owner in writing if any such independent action will in any way compromise the Consultants’ ability to meet their responsibilities under the AGREEMENT.

  • Secured Party’s Rights and Remedies If at any time (1) an Event of Default or Specified Condition with respect to the Pledgor has occurred and is continuing or (2) an Early Termination Date has occurred or been designated as the result of an Event of Default or Specified Condition with respect to the Pledgor, then, unless the Pledgor has paid in full all of its Obligations that are then due, the Secured Party may exercise one or more of the following rights and remedies:

  • Licensor’s Rights Not withstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, Licensor shall not have the right to negotiate or enter into agreements with third parties pursuant to which it may grant a license to use the Licensed Marks in connection with the manufacture, distribution and/or sale of products covered hereunder in the Territory or provide consultation and design services with respect to such products in the Territory prior to the termination or expiration of this Agreement.

  • Access Rights Upon reasonable notice and supervision by the Granting Party, and subject to any required or necessary regulatory approvals, either the Connecting Transmission Owner or Developer (“Granting Party”) shall furnish to the other of those two Parties (“Access Party”) at no cost any rights of use, licenses, rights of way and easements with respect to lands owned or controlled by the Granting Party, its agents (if allowed under the applicable agency agreement), or any Affiliate, that are necessary to enable the Access Party to obtain ingress and egress at the Point of Interconnection to construct, operate, maintain, repair, test (or witness testing), inspect, replace or remove facilities and equipment to: (i) interconnect the Large Generating Facility with the New York State Transmission System; (ii) operate and maintain the Large Generating Facility, the Attachment Facilities and the New York State Transmission System; and (iii) disconnect or remove the Access Party’s facilities and equipment upon termination of this Agreement. In exercising such licenses, rights of way and easements, the Access Party shall not unreasonably disrupt or interfere with normal operation of the Granting Party’s business and shall adhere to the safety rules and procedures established in advance, as may be changed from time to time, by the Granting Party and provided to the Access Party. The Access Party shall indemnify the Granting Party against all claims of injury or damage from third parties resulting from the exercise of the access rights provided for herein.

  • Data Subjects Rights 6.1. Where a data subject asserts claims for rectification, erasure or access to Us, and where We are able to correlate the data subject to You, based on the information provided by the data subject, We shall refer such data subject to You without undue delay. We shall support You, where possible, and based upon Your instruction insofar as agreed upon. We shall not be liable in cases where You fail to respond to the data subject’s request completely, correctly, or in a timely manner.

  • Banks Rights and Remedies 8.1 Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default by Borrower under this Agreement, Bank may, at its election, without notice of its election and without demand, do any one or more of the following, all of which are authorized by Borrower:

  • BOARD'S RIGHTS The Union recognizes that the Board, on its own behalf and on behalf of the electors of the District, hereby retains and reserves unto itself, without limitation, all powers, rights, authority, duties and responsibilities conferred and vested in it by the Laws and Constitution of the State of Michigan and the United States, including, but without limiting, the generality of the foregoing, the right: